Features Of Narrative And Genre In First Ten Minutes Of Minority Report

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Features of Narrative and Genre in First Ten Minutes of Minority Report

Minority Report has the definite genre of a futuristic sci-fi. Right
from the start of the film there are genre conventions to show the
viewer what type of film they are watching. At the beginning, the
title sequences are contrasted in dark and light shades of blue and
the title sequences move like water. The colour blue is used often in
futuristic films because it makes everything look futuristic and
digital. And the title sequence moves like water, again highlighting
the advanced technology which the film is set in. In today’s modern
film, title sequences are often changed to suit the film because it
gives the viewer a taste of what’s to come and obviously creates
meaning for the viewer watching.

The music at the start is very sinister and sounds like a heart
beat, this effect builds anticipation and it represents a lot about
the genre. Music in film is almost invariably designed to accompany
what it seen on screen. Classical music is used a lot in the opening
10 minutes of the film. When Tom Cruise is trying to predict the crime
with the help of the hi-tech equipment which he calls “Scrubbing the
image” The non-diegetic, classical music is used. This is a brilliant
effect because it makes everything look smooth, digital and effortless
again highlighting the futuristic genre of the film, it also makes the
film much more exciting to watch. In the film, Hero the same effect is
used when there is a fighting sequence. One character is trying hard
to beat her opponent, and fast paced music is used when the camera is
focused on her. But when her opponent his fighting back, she is
fighting with elegance and grace giving her an aesthetic quality.
Classical music is used when she fights, making the character and her
fighting look smooth and effortless just like the scene in Minority

Most futuristic sci-fi films have very quick dialogues and
complicated words making everything sound technical and sometimes
confusing. When we are introduced to the main character Tom Cruise, he
is walking very fast and the dialogue between him and another
character is very noirish. He talks quickly and sharply and doesn’t
stop walking. And when “scrubbing the image” he again talks quickly
and uses complicated words. This is typical of the genre. The snappy
talking and complicated words create meaning of the genre to the
audience, they can then relate to it and attain a generate response of
the characteristics expected from the genre.

The mise-en-scene also conveys the genre. The main action in the
opening 10 minutes takes place in the “department of pre crime” this
is integral to the rest of the story. There is a definite contrast
between the setting of the story...

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