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Oracle Communications Essay

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Oracle CommunicationsMichaela Lee-DyessOracle Communications 9ContextFor over three and a half decades, Oracle has been the leader of database software around the world. Starting out originally as Software Development Laboratories in 1977, the founder of Oracle, Larry Ellison, seized the opportunity to start something great. He believed that he could create "a working prototype for a relational database". He then gave his idea to cofounders Bob Miners and Ed Oates who saw that there was potential in Ellison's idea of a relational database model.In recent times through the development of Oracle's technology and communication skills they have expanded their servers, storage, database, middleware, applications, and cloud. Oracle has proved that they lead in "innovations and its awareness for their customers' challenges and successes which are analyzed by the best technical and business minds in the world" which has provided a sturdy ground state for the future of their business. As for the future, Oracle is planning to supply their customers with hardware and software that has been engineered to work in a way that will meet all aspects of a business, including solving problems.Timeline: Over 30 Years1977:- Founded as a consulting firm in a 900 sqft office in Santa Clara, California under the name Software Development Laboratories.- Picked up contract to build a special program code-named Oracle with the CIA1987:- Oracle launches its applications division, with seven employees- Company builds application software that integrates closely with its database to bring unprecedented levels of processing power to essential business activities- Establishes consulting and support services1997:- Larry Ellison announces Oracles flagship product: Oracles Database- Establishment of Oracle Application Server 4.02007:- Unprecedented global event held on six continents within 24-hour period in January, Oracle delivers on applications unlimited promise1. Oracle E-Business Suite 122. Oracle's People Soft Enterprise 93. Oracle's Sieble CRM 84. Oracle's JD Edwards Enterprise One 8.125. JD Edwards World A9.1After thirty years of progression, a company that was "founded by three men and only two thousand dollars has grown into the world's largest enterprise software corporation." With over 2007 revenues, 18B dollars, 65K employees, and 275K customers in customers in more than 145 countries, Oracle has found its way to the top of the food chain and has reached success.CommunicationsThrough research it was really difficult to find information on challenges that Oracle has faced or is facing. However, I managed to find some of the good that Oracle does within their community, which helps provide a better-trusted name. According to the Red Cross, Oracle donated 12.5K in October of 2012 to help support the Red Cross' health and safety training in Stamford Public Schools. They also donated 4B in in-kind resources to education institutions and 23M in cash to nonprofit...

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