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Oral Health System In Saudi Arabia

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Although oral health is a mirror of the total health, dental caries is the most neglected chronic disease (7). Children who consume sweets, sodas, cakes and cookies, are in high level of developed dental caries comparing to those children who eat a healthy diet (11). Certainly, socioeconomic condition of the parents plays a major factor in oral hygiene status of their children (12). In other words, children of highly educated mothers show a low percentage of dental caries than those children with a mother of low education (12).
It is obvious that there is a high percentage of dental caries especially in the upper maxillary incisors due to the habit of drinking ...view middle of the document...

Irreversibility of dental caries.
2. Human behaviors in oral hygiene and dietary habits.
3. Many cities, towns, and villages. Estimated to be 245 cities and more than 5,000 inhabitants).
4. Increased number of children per family, ranging from 4-7 children.
5. Shortage in staff (dentists, dental assistants, and dental hygienists).

In Saudi Arabia, more than 88% of individuals introduced to oral hygiene instruction after the age of seven years, which is incredibly late as it might be contribute to having dental caries in early stage of childhood (8). Oral hygiene routines should be delivered as earlier as possible or at least at age one year.

To solve dental caries problem in Saudi Arabia, two main approaches should be taking into account, which are education and awareness, and through policy and advocating. The following points are explaining that.
1. Enhance the concept of the importance of oral health to the people through well organize awareness and promotion programs at schools and massive population areas.
2. Reconsidering the dental curriculum in the universities to teach and prepare undergraduate dental students with the primary needs through providing at least one or two lectures about the special needs dental care to provide special needs patients with the appropriate preventive oral care (5,9).
3. Control dental caries by reducing sugar consumption (7).
4. Reinforcing topical and systemic fluoride, and dental sealant through periodic rotations in schools and public areas.
5. Banning sugary food including junk food, candies, and sodas in the schools canteen and replace them with fresh vegetables and fruits. In addition to milk and cheese as they contain fluoride that could have a great deal on preventing dental caries among schoolchildren. Should be done by cooperation with the Ministry of Education.
6. Fluoride is most effective in low dose regularly. Thus, ensuring access to fluoridated drinking water at schools by the recommended level, which is 0.7 ppm through the first step. Then generalize it to the public.
7. Most of the pediatricians and physicians refer the child at age three or perhaps four years old, which is very late. Therefore, requiring pediatricians and physicians for early referrals of kids by one year of age would be more helpful and effective in order in limit dental caries (3).
8. Part of dental public health intervention is to initiate high-quality clinics for special needs patients and enhance their access to dental care through providing suitable dental chairs to make it easy for them to ensure equally accessibility in all level of population (5).

9. Introduce effective programs that allow geriatric dentists to visit elder care residential at least once a week would ultimately be a good sign for to mitigate this burden of oral disease (2).

In my view, Saudi Arabia still has lack in the transferring the adequate awareness to the...

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