Oral On The Fall Of The Berlin Wall, Rise Of The German People And Relevance To Australia

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Could you imagine a country? Australia - our country. A country that has been decimated by war from the largest super powers in the World; America, France and England. Just imagine this split occurring in our peaceful nation. Imagine a split nation. No longer a whole, but instead a southern and northern Australia.Southern Australia:New South WalesVictoriaSouth AustraliaTasmaniaNorthern Australia:QueenslandNorthern TerritoryWestern AustraliaA divided country that no longer is controlled by the people, but the governing leaders. A country where the government are not afraid of their people, but the people are afraid of their government. A country that has abolished all free thought and opinion. A country where suppression and depression rule. If you can visualise this horrific image, I welcome you to the country of Germany.Today I shall inform you about the contribution that the people of Germany made in overcoming suppression and oppression in their country and the movement that occurred resulting in the abolishment one of the most symbolic walls in history, the Berlin Wall.The people of Germany, from the construction of the Berlin wall in 1961 up until its eradication in 1989 actively worked in a non-violent way to try and successfully create a peaceful solution. In doing this, they were able to also able to create a revolution forever changing the political system and the civil rights of all.The wall was an iconic symbol from the Cold War. It was introduced by the East German administration and endorsed by the Soviet leader of the time, Nikita Khrushchev. As we know, it was constructed to separate East from West Germany. East Germany was controlled by the communist regime of the Soviet Union while West Germany was a democracy supported by the US. Stopping the transport and flow of citizens between both parts of the country was vital to the Soviet Union's regime.The concrete and barbed wire of the wall kept tens of thousands of people separated from jobs, family and friends. During the time it stood, more than 100 people died attempting to cross from East to West Berlin. It was the attempts of these people that started the movement to try and reclaim Germany as the one nation, not divided into the two sectors.Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon resultComing together is a beginning.Keeping together is progress.Working together is success.On June 26, 1963, President John F. Kennedy delivered a speech that electrified an adoring crowd gathered in the shadow of the Berlin Wall. As he paid tribute to the spirit of Berliners and to their quest for freedom, the crowd roared with approval upon hearing the President's dramatic pronouncement, "Ich bin ein Berliner" (I am a Berliner).Twenty-four years after President John F. Kennedy's visit to Berlin, as tensions between the two...

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The Fall of the Berlin Wall and the Disintegration of the Soviet Union

1305 words - 6 pages strategies and it did not take long for the regime to collapse. The inevitable collapse of communism led to the fall of the Berlin Wall; this started the domino effect of freedom that ultimately led to the collapse of the Soviet Union. On Sunday, August 13th, in 1962 the Eastern German government began construction of the Berlin Wall (“Berlin Wall”). The Berlin Wall was built to divide the post World War II communist ran East Germany with the

Title: The Forever Recorded WOrld Events:1989~1991. -Essay about the collapse of Berlin Wall, Gulf War, and Fall of USSR-

773 words - 3 pages . This significant event will be recorded in historical records forever. After World War II ended in 1945, US, Britain, France, and Russia divided Germany, especially Berlin, into four sectors. Later the US, British, and French sectors united together to form the Federal Republic of Germany, while the Russian sector claimed independence to be The German Democratic Republic on October 7th, 1949. 160,000 refugees crossed the border from GDR to FRG

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1618 words - 6 pages , wanted nothing to do with the others, so they decided to build a wall around their sector to keep the others out and their people in. (Divided In Unity 87). The Berlin Wall went up in the middle of the night, 2 a.m. on August 13, 1961. It was, at first a low barbed wire fence, and then workers used cement to construct a permanent structure that was 96 feet long, and about 12 feet high. (Kelly 1). Travel between east and west was nearly

Social Effects of the Berlin Wall

1018 words - 4 pages West Berlin was closed. The East German troops had begun to tear up streets and to install barbed wire entanglement and fences through Berlin. Between 1961 and today, the Berlin Wall saw many changes, and so did the people that it entrapped.      Prior to the construction of the Berlin Wall, boarders between East and West Germany were closed in 1952 because of tension between Communists and Democratic superpowers and

Political, Social and Military Implications of the Berlin Wall

1789 words - 8 pages towers, Fernsehturm, located at the Alexanderplatz plaza. Though not built directly after the creation of the Berlin Wall, it was erected in 1969 and became significant to the people and government of East Berlin. Construction was finished on this tower right before the 20th anniversary of the German Democratic Republic. At the time it demonstrated the advancements of the socialist society and proved that the East was on the right track for the future

The Berlin Wall

952 words - 4 pages On the 13th of August 1961, the communist East German government began construction of the Berlin Wall, which separated West Berlin from East Berlin and the rest of East Germany, as a response to immense numbers of East German citizens fleeing into West Berlin. The East German government called the Wall the "anti-fascist protection wall". The tensions between east and west were aggravated by a tank standoff at Checkpoint Charlie on 27 October

The Berlin Wall

1524 words - 6 pages bigger move in East German politics. Shortly before midnight on November 9, 1989, after a press conference with Günter Schabowski about new travel regulations there was some confusion about the border. Cornered by reporters, he announced the wall was to open immediately. People from East and West Germany flocked to the wall and were allowed to go through the checkpoint crossings in the chaos (Schmemann). It did not take long for the wall to fall

The Berlin Wall

666 words - 3 pages trying to escape over the Berlin Wall. Finally, the fall of the wall came to be. Gunter Schabowki, leader of East Berlin communist party came up with a decision to have private trips be abroad and that the border would be open. This made many people flock to these private trips at the border and tearing down of the wall started immediately. This later made the parties brake up and East and West Germany became united. Almost the entire wall is

the berlin wall

688 words - 3 pages The Berlin Wall was a tangible symbol of the suppression of human rights by the bloc of Eastern Germany during the Cold War. The people of Berlin Germany were divided by a wall because of issues between the free world and the communist world. In 1945 Germany divided Berlin into four zones. The Soviet Union, United States, Britain, and France all had a zone. From 1945 until 1961 Germans were free to go from East to West Berlin. On August 13

The Berlin Wall

795 words - 3 pages a way to assert East German primacy in Berlin, and thus as a way to increase the pressure on the West to accept East German sovereignty over all of Berlin. In this scenario, the building of the Wall was merely a precursor to the Soviet peace treaty, which would hand over control of Berlin’s access to East Germany, forcing either a Western recognition of East Germany, or a confrontation possibly leading to war. It appears, however, that Ulbricht

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819 words - 3 pages refugees that were leaving East Berlin by the thousands to live in West Berlin. The amount of people leaving threatened the existence of the communistic party in East Berlin, and so it was decided by the political party there, the German Democratic Republic, that something had to be done.At 1:00 am on August 13, 1961, the Berlin Wall was built. It first started out as a border made of barbed wire and cement posts. Soon the supply of cement was running

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1554 words - 6 pages in whom the power of the people is invested. Of these steps, (1. Human Nature; 2. State of Nature; and 3. Political Theory) for Hobbes, it is fundamentally necessary that the preceding occurs for the proceeding to come about, and thus, the state of nature is essential in Hobbes' construction of a political theory. In order to prove this, the following will, firstly, analyse Hobbes' conceptions of human nature and as a result the state of nature

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1781 words - 8 pages to resemble a piece of Swiss cheese” (Historypin). The fall of the Berlin Wall was considered to be the demise of communism and the end of the Cold War. The destruction of the Berlin Wall was considered to be the end of the Cold War. It symbolized the fall of communism to people all around the world. East and West Germany became unified again on October 3rd 1990 and the struggle between communism and democracy was no longer seen as a problem

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1303 words - 5 pages , East and West Germany finally became a single German state. Journalist, Arvid Fredborg wrote on many events happening in Germany. His Journal, “Behind the Berlin Wall” was a well packed, well written story about Berlin. The journalist used his outside view as well as his own experience. The journalist had a lot of facts and information that brought to light all that was going on with the Berlin Wall. The journalists strong point was describing the effect the Berlin Wall had on people by portraying the struggle for freedom the East desperately wanted.

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1576 words - 6 pages German 100 Essay.Date: 07/05/2001Title: German reunification: Causes and consequences.By: Laurence O'NeillIn November 1989 the citizens of East and West Germany began tearing down the most significant testament to imposed division of the modern age: the Berlin Wall. The wall was a mechanism of soviet control erected by the GDR to both confirm communist presence in Germany and prevent the lures of Western Capitalism. However, changes in attitudes