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Oral Reflection Essay

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Back in my high school in Malaysia, I was not really a good speaker. I rarely practiced speaking in English because I used my national language, Malay, most of the times in most of the situations. After getting a pretty decent result for my final examination in high school, I was offered by my government to further my study in United States. During the preparation before flying to the United States, I thought that I was very lucky to be offered a scholarship to the country that uses English as its native language because I have taken English classes so language is no longer a problem. I thought that if I could excel in writing, so I could speak fluently. After completing my preparation, I ...view middle of the document...

If I am about to talk about something formal and I just wear a hoodie and slippers, my audience will turn off and they may lose interests to listen to my speech. For that reason, I always wear something nice and smart when I want to deliver a formal speech in class.
Secondly, tone of voice. Audience love a speaker that has confidence in his or her tone. By having such a confidence tone, it will raise the speaker’s credibility and people can easily believe what the speaker is going to say. However, if the speaker is nervous, audience may have problem to believe what the speaker is about to say. If I want to deliver a speech, usually I will practice a night before so I can make sure I know what I want to talk tomorrow. Practice gives me confidence. For the speech I needed to work for assignment 4, I practiced a night before and the next day I think I gained my confidence made a good one. Since then, I know I have to practice at least a night before to gain my confidence to deliver a speech.
Thirdly, eye contact. For me, I think this is my major problem because I always got comments from the classmates that I did not really practice good eye contact with the audience. I realize that good eye contact is very important to make connection...

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