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Oral Report Regarding Identity Issues Of Fictional World And Character.

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Members of the Mytoken ruling council,Today I stand before your ever honourable presence to discuss an issue that could possibly shake our great colony to the ground. I am here to present to you all, a unique colony member case in all its intricacies. Colony member XCW-741 also known among his fellow worker drones as "The Thinker" is a major threat to our way of life. This insubordinate is a genetic threat to our way of living and must be systematically destroyed in order to save our colony as we know it."The Thinker" first came to our attention three months ago during one of the usual worker drone's social engagements. As you know, worker drones, like all other members of our society are genetically bred for their one specific task: To provide labour and work power for the colony. All Their minds are simple enough to be competent at the tasks they must complete daily and they have even been given, with your generous approval, enough mind power to enjoy simple social interaction. "The Thinker" was attending one of these engagements and, on surveillance footage we have obtained from the night, seemed relatively normal and sedated like most of the other drones. He mingled with other drones and could be seen engaging in basic conversation such as the weather and the latest work details. However, his mannerism and character, and potentially, our way of life, changed dramatically when "The Thinker" consumed the beverage Spremuta Di sogno or "Dream Juice" as the workers know it.When consumed this anatoxin reacts with nerves in the worker drones brains causing them to become slightly dazed and docile. Much like our ancestors "alcohol". Once "The Thinker" had consumed this beverage, more than just the expected docileness was expressed. "The Thinker" started to talk in ways in which no other drone had previously been heard. His words were elegant, free flowing and the content that he spoke was amazing, although highly blasphemous and desecrating of the laws that we hold true. "The Thinker" started to spread word that there was more to life than working and drinking "Dream Juice". He spoke of how there were things that we could feel that were simply not heat, cold or pain, he spoke of feeling something that this colony has tried to breed out over hundreds of years; he spoke of feeling emotions.Emotions, as we know, are dangerous, dangerous things. They can cloud judgement, cause unrest, and make even the most calm and collected person lose their temper. Emotions have been responsible for some of the most disastrous moments in this earth's history, but we, the chosen ones, and through your great wisdom and knowledge have managed to genetically breed out the single thing that had stopped the further advancement of our society."The Thinker" was taken into custody once soldier drones became aware of the evident commotion and looming trouble. That was where I had my first personal encounter with the drone. "The Thinker" initially started silent and would refuse...

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