Ordinary Objects Become Meaningful: Lacoste Challenge Perfume Advertisement

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The organizational process behind making ads is complicated. Many things can be discovered when you look into the deeper meanings behind an advertisement. The advertisement that I chose to interpret through semiotic analysis came from Vogue Magazine, advertising the new Lactose perfume for men called Lacoste Challenge. This is a very recent ad, made to advertise this new fragrance for men, and it features celebrity actor Hayden Christensen as the new model for the promotion of this new perfume. This ad is pretty straight forward and general, but what else is missing? What other details were included in the development of this ad that makes it so effective to consumers? Through this semiotic analysis, the study of signs, I’m going to take a look at how the specific cultural meanings, as well as what the feelings, ideas and representations affect what we see, and what we don’t.
First we are going to take a look at the denotative level of the advertisement, which is the literal, and common sense meaning behind the ad. In this specific ad, the central focal point is a man holding a long rectangular shaped bottle. He is a white male, with brown hair and blue eyes. He is wearing a navy blue collar shirt, with a pair of light blue denim jeans. His stance suggests that he is in motion. The bottle he is holding is filled with some yellowish looking liquid. On the bottle is a small picture of an animal, that same animal is featured in the top right hand corner of the page with some text. There is more of the same text positioned in the center of the ad across the man, as well as below him in a black rectangle. The text fonts are similar. Also in the background of the picture we can make out the blurry outline of the top of a car, which is black. The colour scheme used for this ad consists of dark neutral colours, with the occasional use of yellow. The overall image has a very soft appeal, because the outlines of the man and the objects in the picture are slightly blurred. These are the images that we see when we take a first glance of the ad. These things are what people see first and recognise, as everyday items they are familiar with. Secondly, we’ll cover the connotative level of the advertisement, which is where we decode the deeper meanings behind the images in the ad, and interpret them in order to discover the meanings that are less obvious to the consumer. First is brand name that they have on the perfume Lacoste. Lacoste is a well known name, which in itself sounds expensive. It is a French name and the French are usually classified as high society people. The sell high end clothing and accessories for men widely know for the popular and stylish tennis and collared golf shirts. The animal used as a part of their logo is a green crocodile derived from the nick-name of a tennis player whose name was Lacoste. The male in the ad is celebrity actor and model Hayden Christensen. He is also wearing Lacoste apparel further advertising the brand. He is...

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