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Ordinary People: Beth & Calvin Analysis

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Ordinary PeopleIn the movie Ordinary People, Conrad Jarrett is a very unstable teenager whose parents seem to be living in an almost artificial relationship. However, I believe that it is very common for husbands and wives to live like that. Some might get divorced or some might stay together ignoring their problems and running away from them. Whatever the situation, it is unfortunate that many relationships are like that and some even worse.In the case of the Jarrett family, the mother and father, Beth and Calvin would have stayed together had there not been an accident in the family. What the accident did was bring out their true selves and it became very obvious that the ...view middle of the document...

Even though she does this, he still goes up to see if things are alright. This is a perfect example showing how Cal is very unselfish and puts other people's interests before his own. He tends to be more of a problem solver type and is very valuable to the family's well being. In the flashback scene where Buck and Conrad were arguing over a sweater as kids, Calvin gets in the middle of them and settles the dispute very justly.Beth on the other hand is very selfish and self-conscious about what people think of her. When Mrs. Lazenby told her about Conrad quitting the swim team without her not having any idea about it she was very embarrassed. When she got home she took it out on Conrad and blamed him telling him that he did it on purpose just to hurt her. Beth tries to keep away from Conrad as much as she can and this is very hard on Calvin because he wants to be near Con. It's like a game of tug-a-war that is tearing the family apart.Like the old saying "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree", the Jarrett parents play a tremendous role in the way their son will turn out and it's all based on them. Couples with relationships that are "artificial" need help. In order for a relationship to work, there needs to be love and forgiveness. Both need to be present because without one the other wont work. Beth in particularly can't forgive which results in her not loving her son and husband. Parents owe it to their children to raise them the best they can with love and forgiveness because when those children become parents and have kids, they will do the same with them.

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