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Organ Donation And Presumed Consent Essay

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STEP 1) Choosing a TopicThe topic I have chosen is "organ donation and presumed consent" as opposed to "required request." As mentioned in the Unit 3 exercise, I feel that this is a very interesting topic because some countries like Belgium rely on presumed consent to help increase their organ donor pool and save more lives. It seems to be a very admirable policy, and if the United States were ever willing to implement a program such as this, we could save more lives as well.After reviewing the feedback I received from my peers, I realized that not many people are familiar with the concept of "presumed consent" so I will have to make an effort to define this for my audience. I also ran into this issue when I talked to a few friends about it. They did seem to find this a very interesting topic, however, so I feel good about choosing it. One student commented that she felt a "presumed consent" policy should be put in effect as soon as possible. After being on a donor list for several months, her aunt died of kidney failure because nothing was available.I also feel that the extra feedback helped me more clearly define the purpose of my paper-not only do I want people to be more aware of what presumed consent is, but I want to provide them with the right facts so they are not afraid of it. There are too many myths about presumed consent that need busting.STEP 2) Describe two controversies surrounding this topicThe first controversy surrounding this topic is of course the whole idea that a government or medical community automatically assumes they have the right to take a person's organs upon death and give them to whoever needs them. People might feel it is disrespectful to the deceased, or somehow believe that "Big Brother" has control in this personal matter. On the contrary, everyone will clearly have the right to "opt out" of this program. They can specify this in their will and those wishes must be granted regardless of the wishes of other family members, etc. I will need to research how Belgium and other countries handle the "opt out" option as well as how they handle wills in order to find the information needed to calm the reader's nerves about presumed consent.The second controversy...

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2388 words - 10 pages gift so that someone else might live. Works Cited Berry Jr., Phil H.. “Raising Awareness about Organ Donation is Better than Presumed Consent or Mandated Choice.” At Issue: Organ Transplants. Ed. James D. Torr. Farmington Hills, MI: Greenhaven Press, 2003. Print. Burdick, James. "Organ Donation: Utilizing Public Policy and Technology to Strengthen Organ Donor Programs." U.S.Department of Health & Human Services. 25 Sep. 2007


2932 words - 12 pages donated are by improving the consent of donated and recovered organs in the future, a way for that to occur is through presumed consent and compensation. On the same note, another article that argued about organ donations was “Producing Organ Donors” by David H. Howard. While the article by Nathan and Conrad was more about the system of organ donation and the statistics that surround it, this article talked more about the way to produce more

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1982 words - 8 pages maintained. The selling and buying of organs is not a resolution to this problem. It would lead to the abuse of organ donation and degrading the life of human persons, especially the poor. One paired organ can be donated while the donor is alive, except ovaries and eyes. Eyes can be donated once the donor has died. Presumed consent is not an approved way to fix the lack of organ donation, because it destroys human dignity and suggests that the

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