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This essay focuses mainly on the organic farming and its benefits in the Pacific Community. It outlines three major ways organic farming is seems beneficial in the Pacific community. First it states that it is eco-friendly or environmentally friendly, and promotes soil renewability and recycling. Secondly, it enhance the economy of a country depends entirely to be a more healthy one. It helps reduces urban rural migration. And more so, it supports and provides better health for the citizens of the country, especially with food security. As well as it helps sustain the livelihood of humanity.What Are Benefits of Organic Farming in the Pacific?There are two main types of farming in the world today, and out of the two only one that is stands outstanding seems beneficial and oldest type of farming that has been used for centuries. People tend to find substitute for this type of farming but are amazed to find that it is still stands the best ever. It helped on the food security and economy in a numerous immeasurable ways that are not imaginable. And that is the type of farming called Organic farming or agriculture system. This essay outlines three of the most important and valuable areas whereby seem beneficial to organic farming in the Pacific Community, namely, its environment friendly (eco-friendly), promote economical and backs up health aspects of life.Firstly, Organic farming is seems to be eco-friendly or environmentally friendly. Organic farming promotes biodiversity sustainability. It helps contributes to puts back to earth what Mother Nature deserve and maintain the peace of Mother Nature. As stated in report by Soil Association (May 2000), substantially organic farming has supported the levels of biodiversity, it proves that levels of abundance and diversity of wild life. Take for example microorganism in the soil. They are there to give nutrients back to the soil as well as takes nutrients from the organic or biological pest control being used in organic farming. Another example is that it helps in the conservation of wild life animals and plants. And more so, nowadays the world is drastically changes for the worst, for instance to the effect of climate change as a result of carbon emissions, it's discovered organic farming can be the solution. As stated by Sullivan, D (2011) that it has been found that organic farming tends to keep more carbon in the soil, reducing the issue climate change, for carbon releasing into the atmosphere can be very harmful. Thus organic farming tends to promote the sustainability of the ecosystem or the biodiversity.Another point is that organic farming promotes soil renewability and recycling."It favours renewable resources, recycles nutrients, uses the environment's own systems for controlling pests and diseases, sustains ecosystems, protects soil, reduces pollution, .......the use of natural foodstuffs, product diversity, avoidance of waste, etc" (Argilés, Joseph Ma; Brown, et al, 2010).Take...

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