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Organic Food: The Healthy Choice Essay

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In 2008, U.S. sales of organic food and nonfood products reached $24.6 billion dollars which was 17.1 percent above the 2007 sales (Musico). Obviously, people are buying organic food for many reasons such as its advantageous economical impact, its positive, eco-friendly contributions to the environment, and its health and nutritional benefits.
In today's economy, you can no longer buy a dozen of eggs for 67 cents, like you could in 1980 (US Census). Today, the average cost of a dozen of large non-organic eggs is $1.77 and is $4.39 for a dozen of large organic eggs (Kluger). Why would anyone want to pay an extra $2.62 for a dozen of organic eggs? Even though the cost of a dozen of organic eggs is more, it does have its economical benefits. Non-organic foods use pesticides which protect them from insects and other animals which can harm produce. In the US alone, we spend $11 billion dollars on 1.2 billion pounds of pesticides (Crinnion). Out of the 1.2 million pound of pesticides we use only 0.1 are successful in removing the pests (Crinnion). This means that our government is wasting $10,989,000,000 on pesticides which do not work 99.9 percent of the time. If you were to take dollar bills, touch them end to end, and wrap them around the equator 35.6 times it would equal $11 billion dollars. There is also plenty of money spent on the transportation of these pesticides which adds to the $11 billion spent. If the government were to cut out all of the spending on pesticides, they would be able to provide more money for organic food production and lower the cost for the consumer.
The next reason why organic food can help out our economy is that organic food does not require much space to grow as opposed to conventionally grown foods. Dan Gibbs, an entrepreneur from San Diego, has started a new company called Home Town Farms LLC and his vision is that he can grow organic foods in a warehouse. The farms can be in large cities such as New York and Los Angles because they don’t require a lot of space. Another great benefit of Dan's idea is that it eliminates the middle man and you can go and pick up your fresh organic produce right "out of the ground". By eliminating the middle man, the consumer can save a copious amount of money. The consumer will no longer have to pay for the transportation of tomatoes to the supermarket or the pesticides used on those tomatoes (Fikes). Overall, if consumers started buying more organic food products they would help stimulate the economy and contribute to the preservation of our earth.
Governments, companies, schools, and organizations are all taking part in the "green movement" to try to help preserve our Earth. Conventional farming is the world's largest contributor to species extinction (MacAvoy). Industrial agriculture has been able to feed the large population of America, but it is taking it is taking a large toll on our planet's environment. "In the United States, the growth,...

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