Organic Foods: They Should Be Labeled An Extinct Species

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Society loves food. The taste, the smell, the look, you name it we love it. There is something about food that goes deeper than the simple need for sustenance. The business behind food has become so complicated, scientist now play a major role in its development; long before it ever hits the dinner table.
Genetically modified food is everywhere and with very little consumer awareness. Engineered food first begins on paper and makes it way to a lab where multiple versions of it are created, tested, and perfected. So perfected the average person will never know the difference between naturally grown food and food engineered to be genetically free of defects. Defects that normally occur in nature and can be removed one gene at a time. These defects are of a personally opinionated nature. What a company calls a defect we as consumers may call normal. The same goes in the opposite direction. What a consumer deems unnatural, a multibillion dollar company calls success.
Consumers need to familiarize themselves with the term transgenic, along with a barrage of other words never spoken by anyone except by those within the scientific community. This term is most important as it illustrates a basic, but very important step, in genetically modifying food. Without this word and its use there would be no market for engineered food. The term describes the way in how most food is considered genetically modified or engineered. Any lexicon would define the term transgenic as the process of transferring a gene from one species to another. This definition merely scratches the surface of what is being done to produce these genetically modified foods. This scratch is important as without it, the food industry would still only have the ability to produce naturally grown foods.
By the year 2000 over a third of the soybeans in the USA were transgenic… (Eat Your Genes, pg xii) Soybeans are used in thousands of different products ranging from human food, industrial products to animal feed. Some human food uses would include bread, flour, candy, doughnut mix, instant milk drinks, pancake flour, soymilk, soy sauce, etc. The list is almost infinite. The soybean crop dominated as the number one transgenic crop in 2000 (Eat Your Genes pg xii). With this bit of knowledge one can tell that genetically modified food has been a part of our diet for a very long time; most of the time without our knowledge.
“Genetically engineering is the most radical technology ever devised by the human brain, yet is has been subjected to far less testing than other new products”, said Steve Drunker, president of the Alliance for Bio-Integrity. In 1998 Steve Drunker alongside a coalition of rabbis, biologist, and consumers sued the United States Food and Drug Administration for its policy regarding genetically modified foods. Its policy then and even now, fails to require safety testing and labeling of genetically engineered foods. Every day millions of infants, children, and adults are...

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