Organic Marketing An Ideal Way To Find The Hidden Leads Of Business

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Its 2014! Another exhilarating year that has utterly replaced the common place marketing of the yesteryears. Today, people have become more competitive than ever, leaving their rivals in apprehension about their next business move for development. They have started considering modern practices of marketing in order to get an edge over the competitors. They continue to reassess their strategies to determine how to better reach, nurture, and convert customers this year.

Out of all the marketing techniques used today, the one that has created a lot of buzz and controversy is social media. Business nowadays cannot think of flourishing without the aid of social media. It has been the most ...view middle of the document...


Well, a lot of businesses have been established on Facebook and relatively a lot of Facebook fan pages have been created. It simply means that, for a start-up business it is tough to gain the number of “likes” rapidly among already existing companies. Further, it may take weeks or even months for such companies to earn a single “like” response. This is where the concept of purchasing “likes” comes into scene. This may be considered as an unethical format of promoting a business, but it is in a relatively huge practice today.

No doubt, businesses using Facebook are investing a lot on advertising to generate sales, but they could only progress using genuine sources. The combined fusion of niche social networks, resourceful websites and social communities has taken command over the market. However, for any business now to prosper in a cut throat competitive environment, it is extremely important to get hold of organic marketing

Social Media Facts and Statistics
According to the reports of Tom Pick, a leading marketing consultant, 86% of marketing professionals have “liked” at least one brand on Facebook, just 48% of consumers have done so. This gap is even more dramatic on Twitter, where 61% of marketers but just 12 % of consumers follow at least one brand.

5% of social media users “object to major companies and platforms using their personal information for commercial purposes.” And just 12% admit to...

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