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Organisational Bahaviour What Motivate People In A Multicultural Society?

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For the multicultural participants in the quality improvement process to perform to the best of their capabilities and in the best interests of the organization, they need to be motivated to work consistently and enthusiastically. Since the backbone of quality improvement efforts is voluntary participation, motivation assumes an important role.Motivation is the internal reason for people to do what they do. This may be based on the expectation of a reward, some internal satisfaction, or fear of loss of privileges or power. Motivating means helping people find the meaning in their role in the quality improvement process.The "motivation" notion take an other dimention in an intercultural environment. Effectively, each culture has his own priorities of motivations, his own needs. If the human managment take not in account this differences, demotivation will apear.The concept of culture is a huge one. Separating human beings from their culture is impossible. The most obvious cultural characteristics are physical, including gender, skin color, race, and physical disability. But culture is much more deeply rooted than those surface factors. As a consequence, that, because culture encompasses such a huge part of people, it plays a large and important role in the motivation of those same individuals. The concept of work refer to the exertion of physical or mental faculties in order to accomplish something contrasted with play or recreation.First of all, it seems essential to deternine theconception of work in each culture; then, to search the tools to solve the problem; and, last but not least, to find the solutions, and know how to motivate people in a multicultural firm. .In Western society, it is said that people are inherently unmotivated to work. So, motivating employees in those society is based on this understanding of work motivation. Managers seem to believe that work itself is not and cannot be intrinsically motivating and so seek methods of improving workers' personal satisfaction through incentives. What's more, Intrinsic motivation can be defined as "the fact of doing an activity for itself, and the pleasure and satisfaction derived from participation" . If a person is intrinsically motivated, they will perform the behaviour without any material rewards or external constraints . An example of intrinsic motivation would be reading a book for the pleasure of learning something interesting . It has been suggested that there are in fact three differing types of intrinsic motivation, which can be identified as intrinsic motivation to know, to accomplish things, and to experience stimulation . Likewise in firms, managers scramble to locate means to motivate learners through incentives such as grades, certificates and degrees.In Eastern cultures, the concepts of work and work motivation are viewed somewhat differently and motivating employees is not the same issue that it is in Western civilizations. In these societies, motivating people comes not...

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