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Organisational Behavior (Ob) Essay

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Stephen Robbins and A.J.B UBRIN think organisational behavior (OB) includes three interrelated influence and contact area of research: the behavior of the individual level, the group level and the organisational level behavior.

This report will research a variety of organisational behavior theories.The following report will start with comparing and contrasting different the organisational structure and culture within Siemens to another organisation. Other parts of the report will focus on individual behavior,organisational theory,motivational theories and the impact of team work on organisational performance.

Organisational Culture and Structure
Richard L.D considers that organisation was a clear goal, a well-designed structure and coordinating the activities of the system, social entities associated with the external environment. Along with the development of the economy, organisational culture's influence on employee behavior is the most used more and more big, in general, organisational culture is refers to the organisation in long-term survival and development for the organisation which is formed by the holdings of members and is said to follow the value of the system. Organisational structure refers to all members of the organisation to achieve organisational goals and the division of writing, the scope of duties, responsibilities, rights, etc formed by the structure of the system. Developing the ideas of Harrison , Handy describes four main type of organisational cultures: the power culture; Role culture and task culture, and the person culture.

By the case of Siemens, Siemens is a combination of all four cultural types and matrix structure. In Siemens five hundred thousand employees in the company, according to the division of different functions of different roles, to ensure that the regulators to work task allocation, make the job highly specialised, at the same time, through the establishment of complete rules and regulations to ensure efficient operation of the organisation. In terms of Personnel management, Siemens Development early leadership talents, and maximise the communication with the staff, Siemens said it as a "CPD (Comprehensive Personnel Development). In CPD roundtable meeting about all aspects of employee development (potential, compensation, management, training, etc.) to make a clear decision and plan to maintain consistency, namely, regardless of national boundaries, levels, departments to communicate. In the case of Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola company combines centralisation and decentralisation. As a multinational company, the Coca-Cola company has set up a learning organisation, effectively will be a man's wisdom, professional managers, President of lectures, enterprise internal training) into the wisdom of the collective. At the same time, the Coca-Cola company break the hierarchy of management, set up a matrix structure, and has set up a club system of corporate culture, help to alleviate the...

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