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In this globalised era, where business environment is increasing rapidly like advancement of technology in organisations, competition between companies, more accountability and ethical issues. In order to boost up the company, enterprise recruits internal decision makers which are also known as management. However to assist the structure of organisation, fast and furious change in business environment, information system and practises contemporary management accounting system is developed.
In every organisation each subordinate uses internal accounting information, from top level management to lower level management. When all employees are remunerated their checks are created by accounting information system.
In order to achieve the vision, mission and strategies of organisation every employee setup some goals and objectives. All members of company create information and share it widely and they follow the rules and terms about designed accounting information system with the purpose to protect firm assets. An enterprise denotes that the diversity of accounting information is generated and used for the process of making subordinates decisions.

For Accounting information system there are many companies which are using database user friendly software. This involves various Accounting internal and external reports. For instance – production manager use the cost information about production process of firm in order to control the production cost. Design engineer also use the same information to reduce cost when he consider best layout of equipment. Moreover creditors and investor also use same information in...

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