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Organisations That Fail To Plan, Plan To Fail.

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Ever since the 1960’s, strategic planning has been seen as “the one best way” to establish and carry out strategies that would help the business in achieving success in comparison to their competitors (Mintzberg 1994). Success from any sort of business whether it be small or large, stems from the foundation of planning. Whether it be planning the operations within the business, what kind of employees will help in developing the organisation or even planning in regards to setting goals and achieving them. However, those businesses that decide to ignore the fundamental need of planning, can experience an increase in a failed working environment in regards to successfully accomplishing what the ...view middle of the document...

Also, by establishing clear goals and parameters, businesses are able to monitor their progress and measure it against what their set parameter was. Brian Tracy (Schienle 2007) a business consultant comments “people with clear written goals accomplish far more in a shorter period of time than people without them could ever imagine”, this statement emphasises the idea that planning goes a long way within any business. Because once a company has mastered the idea of setting goals for the management and the employees, it will eventually lead to results. Planning allows for communication, which is essential to manage goals and monitor a company’s progress to success. Thus, by creating a business plan any business is able to advance forward with the knowledge of all employee skills and a specific target in which the business should be accomplishing.

Business planning helps increase a business’s performance for both new and established firms. Planning a business is very beneficial but is governed by different planning regimes which depends on the type of environment they are situated in. For example, in really dynamic environments entrepreneurs will benefit from selecting planning activities which will speed up the planning task. In a less dynamic environment, businesses benefit from establishing a munificent approach (Gruber, 2007). By exploring what Gruber describes to be statistically proven, it can be evident that whether or not a business is a small franchise or a large company, planning is crucial. Besides continuous planning within the business, pre-start up planning is important as well as it provides the benefit of improving communication with the company’s external stakeholders. Timmons et al (1985) suggests that pre-planning is important as businesses are able to evaluate any opportunities that may be presented to them. Whilst Sexton & Bowman-Upton (1981) believe that it will lead to the evaluation of risks, minimising any difficulties that the company may stumble upon. The process of strategic planning includes both areas of control and creativity. By being able to have a controlling aspect, businesses are able to evaluate the present and future strategic positions of the company, where the creativity will ultimately come in to implement changes (Hoorn 1997). However, sometimes the issue with strategic planning is that it can sometimes get to a point where it is inconsistent. This then allows businesses to plan crisis to crisis, but although businesses are planning to achieve successful results there can at times be an issue with that. The problem with this area of a controlled strategic plan, is that most businesses statistically focus a lot more on the creativity side, the implementation of change to a situation, which therefore leads to the neglect of the control aspect. Therefore, this already introduces the notion that not all businesses who plan are likely to succeed in whatever course they intend to achieve, as will be shown next....

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