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3)Nowadays, in our century of changing business environment and international markets, it is truly vital for businesses to have in their ranks effective leaders. Leadership is the process of influencing other people in order to follow the leader and achieve the goals he sets. Others define leadership as the empowering of people and the creation of a vision for them to follow. The truth is that everybody understands leadership in a different way and we cannot say categorically what it is (ΣΗΜΕΙΩΣΕΙΣ). However, regardless of the definition, leadership is a hard role to assume, but also highly necessary for all firms, who desire to survive in the contemporary, very competitive corporate world. Effective leaders have multiple tasks to perform and missions to accomplish- and they have to accomplish all of them quite perfectly-almost in the same way that an orchestra conductor operates- in order to achieve the company's goals and enjoy long-term success.

Every aspect of effective leadership has its own importance. First of all, a successful leader should care for and motivate his/her colleagues. Leaders must have many human-related skills, such as empathy and understanding and they should be always available to provide advice and support to their team members. Building a solid team is a crucial part of a leader's duties and it is a complicated one. As teams gain more and more significance in modern businesses, the task of organizing them and maintaining the balance within them is of great importance. Leaders put together great teams of different people and help them work well together. Many companies are plagued by incompetent team work with poor job results, loss of precious time due to indecisiveness and lack of consensus. Especially when teams have many members, the role of the team leader is fundamental, as far as coordination is concerned. Besides, the leader should be an expert in crisis management, in order to balance the sometimes contrasting and totally opposite opinions and views of their followers. For example, is it a common occurrence in a team that the members cannot reach an agreement on an important matter. Valuable time is lost and tension can arise within the team- the good atmosphere and the relationships among the colleagues can be disturbed. Then, it is the leader's duty to step up and help reach a common decision as well as preserve the balance and harmony in the team.

But coordinating the team is not the only mission of an effective leader. As we have already mentioned, support and motivation is a key element of a successful team and therefore of a successful business. People need to feel appreciated and to believe that their effort is valued by their supervisors. They also need to have a person of confidence, whom they can trust and to whom they can talk openly, without holding back about anything that worries and troubles them. This person is and should be the team leader, who must encourage all the members to speak their...

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