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Organization Analysis

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Section 1: The following study will focus on the UK Retail Banking Operation of Lloyds TSB Group Plc: Lloyds TSB Bank (LTSB). Over the last 25 years companies operating within the retail banking environment have experienced much instability and fluctuation. Preston & Hayward are particularly salient in their remarks: 'Retail banks have moved from operating within a static, largely closed operating environment, to conducting business within a highly open, turbulent and competitive environment.' (1999)Using an adapted version of PESTEL (Johnson et al, 2006, p68); we can identify several macro-environmental influences and in-turn identify the Key Drivers of Change (KDCs) that impact upon ...view middle of the document...

Using Porter's Five Forces framework (Porter, 1980) we can gain further insight into the relationship between industry competition and the Key Drivers of Change. Hence; where there is a relatively low cost and low risk of switching financial service providers; the big four (Barclays, HSBC, LTSB and NatWest) are subjected to the associated pressures of an intensely competitive environment. A by product of this correlation is that smaller players have either entered the market or 'blossomed' as a result of offering specialised products and superior service.Therefore, the rudimentary key drivers of change are: i) The continuing deregulation of the Financial Services sector spurring unprecedented and unexpected levels of competition, ii) evolving customer needs and market requirements and iii) shareholders' expectation of sustainable and profitable growth.Section 2: Lewin's three step model (1958) suggests a method to improve the implementation and lasting success of procedural changes, however Dawson & Wilson as cited by Burnes (1996) believe that such a process does not 'address crucial issues such as the continuous need for employee flexibility and structural adaptation'. Given the 'complex interplay of multiple variables' within the organisation (Burnes, 1996) it is my recommendation that LTSB, who operate in an ever-changing environment, should adopt an ever-changing approach to performance improvement.Therefore, LTSB should follow an 'emergent approach to organisational change' (Burnes, 1996) and aim to become a learning organisation (Nonaka, 1991; Garvin, 1993). As defined by ISO; 'Total Quality Management (TQM) is a management approach for an organization, centered on quality, based on the participation of all its members and aiming at long-term success through customer satisfaction, and benefits to all members of the organization and to society.' (2006). A TQM 'ethos' would help LTSB to achieve this, improving efficiency and effectiveness. In terms of problem solving and achieving strategic goals I suggest the following changes:Slattery & Nellis suggest that 'Retail banking is now a commodity service' (2004) considering this and the broader key drivers; it is of utmost significance to gain distinction amongst the competition and favour in the minds of both customers and shareholders. LTSB could achieve such 'distinction and favour', by exceeding stakeholders' expectations via the delivery of high quality service.However, for LTSB to preserve sustainable and profitable growth they must also achieve a strong sales performance via the retention and attraction of customers, in-turn growing their market share and increasing important revenue streams. Therefore, in addition to a sales performance KPI, an important internal organisational change should be establishing other prominent performance indicators such as staff satisfaction, service quality and security control.Branch staff have the greatest exposure to the customers and via...

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