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1-Peter Costello political statements about immigrants not abide by Australian values or laws.Nature of the statement: any immigrant who does not believe in Australians values and not abides him self by this country laws should leave Australia because Australia laws value are not optional.Any new immigrant who wants to be Australian will be sown in before his Australian citizenship.Looking to this statement in organisational prospective in order to identify four frames, it will appears as follows:1-StructuralAustralia is democratic country and system of government is structured flattery form.Mr Costello was considering him self playing his role within Australia government. The role of department's integration over the tasks is responsibility of ever minister. Protecting the Australian values is ultimate goal of ever official and nonofficial in Australia.The statement has divided Australia political community into groups. There has been group interpreting statement angrily, that statement of Costello is direct attack to them.There is group considered statement as responsible and positive statement it should be supported. The differences over the statement still exist in Australian political communities.In fact Costello statement was unique and straight forward because Australian values are our values which need every citizen to protect them.2-Human resourcesThe Australia is country of immigrants and it is still accepting immigrants till today. The most reasons for Australia to accept and allowed migrants are that to contribute positively into Australia economy and assimilated themselves to Australia society to be a part of it.Peter Costello was expressing him self telling Australia people about his feelings.He has been defending Australian norms in order to exist and have respect from all Australians.He was hugging new Australian migrants to interact with norms and cultures in order to be real Australians. Mr Costello is skilled politician who knows how to position him self when political crisis arise.In his statement, Mr Costello was also telling Australian people that his capable for leading Australian nation when John Hawed prime minister retired.3- Political framePeter Costello is a qualified politically to make judgement in his political statement .However; Peter Costello is exercising his political powers within governing coalitions as well as liberal party. Despite consequences of the statement, and conflict that arose, Mr Costello was exercising positive politics hugging Australians to endure their political difference and have political negotiation among them. Peter Costello has right to give this statement because is a potential competitor for the chairmanship of liberal party. He is competing with the other members of his own party. The critic here is that, Peter release political statement as individual statement with collective agreement from the party and people of the party. Again, the conflict here is over Australian values and...

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2691 words - 11 pages . Evolutionary Explanation in the Social Sciences: A Critical View. Foxall, G. R. 1989. Consumer psychology in behavioural perspective: an evaluation of the contribution of the experimental analysis of behaviour to consumer research. Foxall, G. R. and Greenley, G. E. 2000. Predicting and explaining responses to consumer environments: an empirical test and theoretical extension of the behavioural perspective model. The Service Industries Journal

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