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Organization And Management Analysis

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Organization and Management AnalysisKatelyn KetchieHCS/514November 10, 2014Steven BonellOrganization and Management AnalysisThe utilization of different styles and methods in management and organizations help to define each one as unique individual systems. As health care professionals, it is important to understand different theories and utilize that knowledge to improve upon the ability or efficiently manage an organization. Knowing the various kinds of Organizational Theories can help any organization better predict and plan its success in the future. For managers, it is key for them to be able to adapt their Management Style/Theory to improve their organization, in order to be successful. There are five main Organizational Theories that include: Scientific Management, Human Relations, Contingency/Decision, Open-System, and Modern System. There are four main Management Theories to include: Participative, Theory X & Y, Theory Z, and Total Quality. There are also five main Management Styles associated with this to include: Authoritarian, Democratic, Paternalistic, Autocratic, and Laissez-faire.Description of Organizational TheoriesUnderstanding the different theories of an organization help to define how the proper predictions and planning of an organization will ensure its efficiency. There are five main theories that describe the operations of an organization. The Scientific Management Theory (Classical Theory) utilizes the scientific method of studying, analyzing, and problem-solving. This theory involves committees, functions and principles of management, and concepts of line and staff. The Human Relations Theory (Neoclassical Theory) is based on the Classical Theory but dealt more with incorporating the psychological and social aspects of each individual. This theory involves people's self-motivations. Contingency/Decision Theory factors in the individual, the environment, and the existing variables to solve problems and manage the organization. This theory involves knowing all of the facts and knowing in depth the concepts of all aspects. The Open-Systems Theory illustrates the importance of interactions through cultural influence, economic conditions, political conditions, and education conditions in the environment. This theory involves all environmental factors and reflects upon their influences. The Modern System Theory is a combination of the other theories or frameworks. This theory utilizes relationships in the real world to organize the organization.Comparison of Management Theories and StylesUnderstanding the various styles of management help to define which method to use under specific circumstances when it comes to successfully managing in any organization. Management Theory can simply identify as a rational attempt to layout and form an organization. The goal of any Management Theory is to maximize the effectiveness of achieving the objectives of an organization. There are about four main...

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