Organization Approaches Essay

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Organization Approaches
There are different approaches organizations can take in order to achieve their mission. Some organizations use a combination of each approach while others strictly use one approach as their main focus. The approaches are differentiation, cost leadership, and response.
Apple Inc. uses differentiation as their form of approach in order to keep their company successful. Apple’s mission statement of 2011 is “Apple is committed to bringing the best personal computing experience to students, educators, creative professionals and consumers around the world through its innovative hardware, software and Internet offerings.” (Hamilton 2011). The invention of the IPod started their journey into innovation of new products. Apple began with varying forms of the IPod such as the nano, the shuffle, or the original. As years went on Apple continued to upgrade their line of IPods creating an illusion of “must have” with consumers. Apple has moved even further in differentiating their company with the offering of their latest product IPad. In my opinion, the strongest reason for their differentiation is not their type of product, but the fact that Apple is marketing the IPad to secondary schools to purchase IPad to replace textbooks. Some operations decisions that support the mission of Apple to be differentiated are quality, inventory, and process and capacity design.
Retail grocery chains, such as Kroger, have become more effective in their cost leadership by placing self checkout stations next to the man powered check out stations. Unfortunate a machine does the work in place of people; however, I know when I use the self check out for some reason I am much quicker than the people getting paid to check out my grocery order. With this, there are more customers in and out of the stores. Using machine powered check out stations also frees up people to do more productive work. Some of...

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