Organization Communication And Chester I. Barnard

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Communication has been a big issue since the beginning of time. Some say there is an issue involving communication between man and woman, while others say it involves interpretation and yet others say it is how each person thinks and processes the information that is given at the time. Communication being presented in written format or verbal should have the same meaning regardless. However that is not always the case. Some review how a person communicate with another by their body language, their eye contact and the attention given to those whom are being spoken to at this interaction. Within an organization, communication can mean the beginning or ending of a program, funding, or even employment. It all depends on the importance of how and what is being delivered or presented. Communication can build morale within an organization if the setting, tone and deliverance of the information are presented correctly. How many of you have endured poor office communication mishaps? For example, you’re walking down the hallway and approached by one of your coworkers who tell you that the office is closing early today at 3:00 pm due to snow and inclement weather. However you never received an email or notice from your immediate supervisor. You go to your next coworker and ask the same thing. That coworker did not hear about the early closing either. Now, everyone in your office is running around like “a chicken with their head cut off.” Could this be just a misunderstanding or possibly poor administration communication to the entire organization staff? Though this is just a small example of poor communication between administration and staff, given more serious issues, it could decrease morale and trust in the relationship between administration and the organization employees. This could become an even a bigger problem if it involved the opening of a new library and its funding. Having the right management tools along with great communication can cause an organization to work cohesively or lose rhythm in a fast paced technological era. Given there are numerous ways...

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