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Pfizer is the world's largest research-based biomedical and pharmaceutical company. Our corporate headquarters are located in New York, with major research and development locations in the United States and England. Recent innovations include Sutent®-a novel cancer medicine that both cuts off the blood supply that feeds tumors and destroys cellular reproduction, and Chantix™-a new prescription medicine and accompanying support plan designed specifically to help smokers quit. In 2006, Pfizer earned $48.4 billion in revenues and invested $7.6 billion in research and development.Beginning a career at Pfizer, have to join a team of dedicated colleagues working around the world to discover, develop, and deliver innovative medicines to help treat and prevent disease. Whether you choose an opportunity in research and development, manufacturing, marketing, sales, finance or technology, you will contribute to our common goal - better health for more people. The Employment Law Group's role is to: provide advice and counsel to line management and HR in all aspects of employment law and employee benefit and plan administration matters; manage employment and employee benefit litigation, claims, and government inquiries; provide guidance on employment.Pfizer's mission statements states its proactively partner with line management, human resources, and other specialists to ensure that employment-related issues are handled in a manner consistent with Pfizer policy, values and the law. It protect the Company from liability with respect to employment and benefit-related claims; ensure compliance with all applicable employment and employee benefit laws and regulations; counsel and advise management and human resource representatives on the legal implications of HR policy interpretation, employee benefit issues, and other matters that affect employment generally; address and resolve, claims asserted by employees, former employees and others outside the Company; and develop, teach and participate in employee, HR and manager training programs.Their expertise coordinate all of the Company's employment and employee benefit-related litigation and administrative claims, audits and inquiries pending before government agencies, we support line management and human resources in the areas of employment law, employee benefits, employment compliance and immigration. The Human Resources Management Associate Program was launched in 1997 to develop a pipeline of entry-level human resources professionals that have the potential to become future leaders at Pfizer. The objective of the HRMA Program is to provide Pfizer with a pipeline of highly talented colleagues who have the potential to become future HR leaders. The two-year program, comprised of three 8-month rotations, is designed to provide each HRMA with experiences and development opportunities across Pfizer's many businesses, locations and HR functions. HRMAs also interact with senior leaders throughout the program...

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