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Organization Skills And Being Responsible Essay

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Being responsible means to be able to take care of yourself, the things you own, and possibly the things other people own. To be responsible you need to be able to get everything needed to be done, done in a timely manner. It applies to everyday life by making sure you have any work or school projects done, taking care of animals and others, your own things, and yourself. It applies to school work by you making sure that all homework, projects, and extracurricular activities are done.
One of the most important things needed in organization is to prioritize your work. A section in the SOAR Study skills book explains that a jar is like 24 hours. If you fill it with rocks, there will be no more room for rocks, but there will be room for pebbles. Once it is filled with pebbles, there is no more room for pebbles although there is room for water. When it is filled with water, there is no room for anything else and your day was filled with important and unimportant things. The rocks in the analogy are large things that would go first in your day; because if you first filled the jar with water, then there would be no room for rocks or pebbles. The pebbles are not as important things that you still want to do. With all of the important things, there can still be time for fun and hanging out with friends. The water in the analogy are the miscellaneous things that are able to be done, but aren’t needed. When you prioritize, you are able to do things with more concentration and motivation than without prioritizing your daily activities.
If you want time for hobbies, friends, or just watching TV then you need to know more about time management. Even if you really want to do something, remember the jar analogy. Big rocks first, then smaller pebbles, then water. If you are stuck on a homework problem, you could stay working on it for an hour or ask an adult for help. Adults can almost always help in any way with time management. You can also write out your schedule in your agenda or on a piece of loose leaf paper if you want.

Organizing your work is (obviously) the most important part about organization. A very good way of organizing work is to buy a binder, planner, subject dividers, several notebooks ( for each class), binder folders, a pencil box or zipper bag (optional), and the needed supplies for all of the classes. Put everything together and make sure that nothing is going to fall out. Whenever you go to each...

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