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Organization Structure Essay

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and Design


Lecture Outline

Defining Organizational Structure
Work Specialization
Chain of Command
Span of Control
Centralization and Decentralization
Organizational Design Decisions
Mechanistic and Organic Organizations
Contingency Factors
Strategy and Structure
Size and Structure
Technology and Structure
Environmental Uncertainty and Structure
Common Organizational Designs
Traditional Organizational Designs
Simple Structure
Functional Structure
Divisional Structure
Contemporary Organizational Designs
Team Structures
Matrix and Project Structures
The Boundaryless Organization
Today's Organizational Design Challenges
Keeping Employees Connected
Building a Learning Organization
Managing Global Structural Issues

How can we design an organizational structure that will help us accomplish our company's goals? Should our structure be tall or flat? Traditional or contemporary? Will our chosen design enhance our capacity to continuously learn, adapt, and change in a dynamic global environment? As tomorrow's managers, many of your students will soon face these questions. In Chapter Ten, students learn about various elements of organizational structure, the contingency factors that influence organizational design, and traditional and contemporary design. In addition, they will study design challenges encountered by managers who work in a variety of organizational structures.
"A Manager's Dilemma" tells of Penny Baker's predicament as CEO and founder of National BankCard Systems. In the early years of his company, Penny was successful in using a management style and structure that encouraged friendliness between his employees and management, including frequent socializing outside of the workplace. As BankCard Systems prospered and the number of employees increased, some workers became too complacent in the less-than-formal atmosphere at work. Penny had to fire two employees and realized that changes must be made in his management style. Students are asked to put themselves in Penny's shoes. How should this CEO restructure his company to promote an atmosphere in which employees have fun but maintain a respectful, businesslike working relationship with management?

Many PowerPoint Slides, including both original text art and newly created images,have been developed and are available for you to coordinate with Chapter Tenmaterials presentation.

1. INTRODUCTIONDesigning organizational structure involves the process of organizing (the second management function) and plays an important role in the success of a company.


Materials I Plan to Use:

2. DEFINING ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTUREManagers need to establish structural designs that will best support and allow employees to do their work effectively and efficiently.A. Several important terms must be defined in order to understand the elements of organizational...

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