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Organization Structure And Management Essay

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Regent’s University London

Organization of an Event

Yelzhan Yertayev


Operations Management; Stephen Clay

Part 1(question1)
In the event, there are three parties and they are all aiming at receiving profits. The first party consists the organizer whose position is to call a famous artist to perform in the event. The second party consist the owner of the venue and the third party is the performer.
Part 1(question2)
The main profit from the occasion will be from the music that will be played, the alcohol that will be sold as well as selling of tables. Another aim of the event apart from the gaining of profit is to provide people with a chance to listen to the singers from their own country and also foreign singers from foreign countries. All the parties contributes to the success of this event in order to gain profits.
Part 2

Part (2 question 2a)
Wheel is valuable information considered when an individual or members are structuring a voluntary organization. The following are important factors that members should consider carefully when starting up an organization
• If the organization requires to have lawful status
• The activities that are scheduled and what arrangement would embrace future and also
The present activities.
• Upon the decision on the type of structure the members will require to make a decision on whether they should seek for charitable status or not. Charitable status are of advantage but a lot of care should be taken when applying for charitable status. Below are diagrams of wheel diagrams.
Source: (Patinkin 1973)

Source: (Patinkin 1973)
Part 2(question 2b)
An organizational structure is a type of framework used by a company in order to distinguish responsibilities and roles, authority and power as well as the way in which information within the organization flows. Once the organization is done with choosing the structure to use it can proceed with selecting the design to use. Organizational design refers to the process that managers are able to assess their goals, functions as well as tasks of the business. Through this, the managers are able to make decisions on how to put people into groups in order to achieve their goals effectively. An organization chooses its organizational structure according to their needs. The design of the organization at any given time reflects a structure that lines up to the business. The most effective structure is attained through strategic reevaluation and evaluation of employee groupings as well as tasks. Below are examples of wheel diagrams.
Part 2(question 2c)
In any business, a strategic business unit abbreviated as (SBU) is a center of profit and it concentrates on market segment as well as product offering. Strategic business unit typically have a distinct marketing plan, marketing campaign, competition analysis though they may appear as part of a bigger commercial entity.
A strategic business unit maybe a branch or a business in...

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