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Organization Structure Of Rambo Essay

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Organization Structure of RAMBO
RAMBO Pvt. Ltd. is made up as a Matrix Organizational Structure, which has multiple lines of leaders and subordinates report to at least few managers. Generally, our employees report to team managers who then pass on the progress report to the department manager. Having a wide range of shoes from (women, man, children, and sports ware) each one of them has own department and has separate department superiors who works independently of the top directors. It is a mandatory that team managers and subordinates make most of the decisions to certain specifications and production whereas the department managers concentrate mainly on policy related matters. However, employees are responsible to both of these managers. Worldwide, Rambo is a well-recognized brand. By applying the Matrix structure permits us to come to decisions and respond more effectively to subject matters. As a whole, Rambo is indication that putting together divisional and functional structures brings success,endless possibilities in terms of both short and long achievements in our organization.
Internal Communications
Communication is one of the primary functions of management in any organization and it is very important as it enables the organization to function. As a company it is impossible to have human relations without communication. Communication is a process of sending and receiving information, ideas, thoughts, opinions and plans in between various part of an organization.Our efficiency is not only placedin the management capabilities, we engage our employees in all activities taking place within the organization. We always encourage a 2 way feedback with our workers to creategood relationship between employees and the management. Besides that we actively respond to and communicate...

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