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Organization Visit Essay

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I visited Comunidades Latinas Unidas En Servicio for my community resource project. I was able to speak with Maria Middleton executive assistant at CLUES. We had a great conversation of how the organization started. CLUES was established in 1981 primarily providing Mental Health and Chemical Health counseling. They are a 501 (c) non-profit organization. Who receive funds from different companies and individuals to continue with their work of serving the Latino Community. The organization mission is to “ Enhance the quality of life of Latinos in Minnesota.”
The organization grew with the community demands and now they provide other services: Mental Health, Chemical Health, Aging services, Family services, Economic Advancement, Community Health Workers services. For mental health they have individuals and families therapy. A women support group and a victims of sexual assault support group. This support groups provide structural system that helps the individual build up their self-esteem and cope with others. In chemical health they offer assessments, education and prevention classes, outpatient chemical dependency treatment, aftercare, reintegration support for families and DUI violation mandated chemical health classes. Personally appreciate them having the DUI class as I was impacted by a drunk driver and will be having lumbar surgery in January. The aging well services is not only for the elder, but a support and relief for the caregiver as they have many different activities that help the caregiver find equilibrium and a stressful situation. The care model is based on the traditional Latino family structure with make the adaptation to the programs more flexible. I found this program very important because in the Latino community we keep the elder until God calls for them. In the United State people have nursing homes where they can put the elder because of their incapacity of taking care of them or medical reasons. In our culture we respect elders...

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