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The American Legislative Exchange Council (Alec)

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ALEC or American Legislative Exchange Council was conceptualized and implemented during the Reagan Administration. Founded by former influential political legislative members, the purpose of this organizations existence is to ensure limited government and free market prosperity through individual liberty covenants. Historically implemented in 1981, yet, formally conceptualized 1973, its organizations founding members consisted of Illinois State Rep. Henry Hyde, conservative Paul Weyrich, Lou Barnett, and former president Ronald Reagan. For over 40 years, ALEC has developed policies covering every facet, aspect, and authoritative responsibility of state government. According to their 2012 tax documents, form 990, ALEC grossed over $9 million is gross revenues (ALEC, 2014). ALEC is funded national and global organization and individual politician contributions. The Exchange Council aims at creating and motivating the implementation of new legislative policies which allows government leader, business decision makers, and the public at large to become informed of current governmental practices. Creating nonpartisan public/private relationships between the general public and governmental leaders is the valuable philosophy that ALEC practices.
Company’s Details:
American Legislative Exchange Council headquarters is located at 2900 Crystal Drive, 6th Floor Arlington, VA 22202 with no other officially reported branches. According the company’s most recent tax documents, this organization grossed nearly $9 million; however, their net profit for 2013 was just under $200k. In addition to gaining worldwide financial supporters, ALEC has not shown much growth in the last two years according to the same tax forms (ALEC, 2014). ALEC is the leading private politically motived franchising ideology organization within its industry with executive leaders from extremely powerful industries. The American Exchange Council is comprised of untold employees within their board of directors, board of scholars, and the countless employees functioning within this company.
Then, examine and discuss the following:
The market of policy dictation and information dissemination is not as competitive as one would think; however, research shows that their main rival would be companies and organizations such as the Criminal Justice Policy Foundation, our Non-profit organization mentioned above. The largest obstacle that is obvious would be the enormous complexity involved with political contributions and the perceptions associated with monopolizing policy maker’s decisions. As of December of 2013, ALEC is facing a major funding crises as 40 top cooperate organization exit or laps their memberships; which cost nearly $25,000 a year, not including the exiting organization financial contributions. Conglomerate corporations such as commercial giants like Amazon, Coca-Cola, General Electric, Kraft, McDonald's and Walmart have been added to the targeted list of ALEC as they launch...

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