Organizational Analysis Of Walmart

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 WALMART store inclusive is the largest retailer and the largest company in terms of revenue.
 It’s the largest private employer in USA. And every year approximately of 93% shopping is done from Wal-Mart in America.
 Wal-Mart stores Inc is branded as Wal-Mart.

• Type-public
• Industry-retail
• Founded-1962, Rogers, Arkansas, U.S
• Founder-Sam Walton
• Headquarters-Bentonville, Arkansas, U.S
• Number of locations- 11137
• Area- global
• Owner- Walton family
• Employees- 2.2 million
• Total equity- US$ 76.255 BILLION till 2014
• First Store- In Rogers, Arkansan in 1962.

• Started on 2nd July 1962 in Rogers, Arkansas
• Expansion of the company
• Listing in stock exchange
• Launch of supercentre concept
• Home delivery services
• Focus
• Cost cutting concept

• Traditional stores and supercentre.
• Wal-Mart supercentre has different locations like that of Garden centre, Pet shop, Pharmacy, Optical centre and Photo processing lab etc.
• In 1990, it went international.
• 4263 stores and 660,000 workers in 15 countries outside US.
• Well known for Brand strategy.

In everything we do, we are driven by a common mission and to improve the quality of life for everyday people around the world.

It deals in-
• Sells grocery and general merchandise
• Pharmacy and optical centre
• Gasoline station
• Fast food outlet
• Garden centre
• Pet shop
It also featured in hair and nail salons, video rental store and family fun centre and branch of a local bank.

Wal-Mart subsidiaries-
• Wal-Mart stores division as:
1. Wal-Mart discount store
2. Wal-Mart supercentre
3. Wal-Martneighborhood market
4. Wal-Mart international
5. Private labels like Sam’s choice, great value and smart price.



“We work for you. Always”
“Our People Make Difference”
“We Work for You. Always”
Blue vests that make it simple to identify the associates and inscribed name on it.
Wal-Mart refers all its employees be it a CEO or an hourly paid workers “ASSOCIATE”
The stores are spacious and structure of the stores is universally the same.
The advertisements of the products are also similar all over the world.

WAL-MART believes in:
• Service to customers
• Respect for the individual
• Striving for excellence
• Acting with integrity

• The underlying assumptions of their associates at work is to serve the customer and make them happy.
The culture of the organization has an intention to make the...

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