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Assessing the environment is the second part of step four in the strategic planning process. The organizational internal assessment is important in identifying the strengths and weaknesses of Brendel Elementary School. By providing an organizational assessment, the planning team can clarify the aspects that help in accomplish the mission and fulfill the mandates in the organization. This part of step four enriches the management information system (MIS) with more qualitative data in order to make MIS more effective. Moreover, the organizational assessment clarifies the organization’s competencies, distinctive competencies, and core competencies. (Bryson 2011, 166)
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The Business Office handles the budget in general and all the expenditures. It handles personnel cost, program activities, vendors, and services like maintenance, and custodian.

• The Business office works well as a team.
• The business department operates a practical purchase system that manages the expenditures effectively in compared with assigned budget.
• The department is connected directly with the administration office for updates.
• The business team deals very effectively with different performance all at once.


• There is uncertainty regarding the fundraising achievements.
• Poor communication between the business department and the fundraising committee.

Brendel School depends on the State Aid Financial Allowance, which aim to pay $7000 per student. 85% of the budget goes for personnel cost and services. The Fiscal year budget usually begins in February and Brendel , as all of the schools in the district, faces budget cut that keeps increasing every year.

• Brendel School has to perform all the activities and other expenditures from fundraising.
• Parents and families are excited to cooperate with the fundraising activities when the activities engage fun events.
• The school needs to increase students’ enrollments.

• The budget’s suggestions should be raised to the Board of Education and then to the state.
• The budget approval comes by June 30 every year, which leave a space for uncertainty for the next year plans and suggestions.
• The school is considering program funding cut and/or staff cut

Brendel was built in 1959 and is part of the main campus' 180 acres. It contains 58,053 square feet. The School building is old, yet well maintained. The school has fully equipped gymnasium, large space for the kitchen and the cafeteria and comfortable space for the library and its store. The back yard is maintained for the playground. Moreover, there is a beautiful music room with decent equipment and the art classroom, which needs supplies frequently. Every classroom has a restroom attached to it in addition to the restrooms in the hallways. In addition, the school raised the Sinking Fund program to maintain the facilities. This fund requires the students’ families to register for it on line and it will be deducted from their taxes. It is not considered as an extra tax, instead it is a cut from the regular tax.

• The maintenance and custodian department maintain ongoing care to the school facilities.
• The department performs regular recycling to decrease total damages and reduce renewal cost.
• Class teachers educate the student to be responsible and always clean their places before leaving the cafeteria, the library, and the classroom.

• The Gym needs continuous care and supplies, which adds more cost to the school budget.
• The art classroom runs out of supplies more often.
• The electric power goes off for many days...


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