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Triage Issues: TCA’s staff is not trained nor has the knowledge to accommodate clients with OCD Disorder; therefore the staff is non-effective in providing services to this population. Referral of clients to the necessary agency is best to avoid any harm to clients (
Intervention Plan

Organizational Needs Assessment: Needs Assessment Intervention components through training and education of clients and staff: focusing the problem a need for mental health services for client suffering with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder ; developmental needs assessment questions ; identify targets for interventions; develop data ...view middle of the document...

4. Data Collection Plans; Using data collected from face-to-face, phone or mail questionnaire obtain form clients and staff. Provides secondary data analysis for this questionnaire research. Research has shown that one of the most difficult problems in OCD is in getting family members to understand that the patient is unable to simply stop the behavior. Many times relatives become angry and upset when they are forced to deal with the time-consuming and unrealistic repetitive behaviors. With this background, it is no wonder that many patients do not volunteer their symptoms, and instead complain only of anxiety or depression. Educate family to involve OCD person in tasks around
5. Analysis and display; quantitative data analysis using SPSS to get the numeric data. The report will reveal the problem.
6. Disseminate and communicate finding; the mean, median, mode and standard deviation provided from the one-way ANOVA are the numbers to report to the Deputy Director of TCA and Stakeholders.
Field Link
My field site is Berean Head Start Center. This is a community learning center for three and four year children in the upper town area. Currently this facility does not provide services for people suffering with mental illnesses such as OCD disorder (
Chapter Summary
 Evidence- base approaches to assessing persons meeting the DSM criteria for OCD, as well as several well-supported psychosocial and pharmacological form of treatment.
 A large proportion of clients receiving this evidence-base treatment are likely to substantial clinical and social improvement whose effects often well-maintained over time.
 Evidence-based interventions produce improvement rather than NO TREATMENT.
 Psychotherapy, credible oriented placebo therapies, nonspecific insight or conventional experience.
 Social Workers assisting individual who meet DSM Criteria for OCD are encouraged to become familiar with these research-base developments and to acquire clinical expertise in their competent provision.

OCD Intervention:
Evidence base approach through individual behavioral treatment of OCD
Exposure and Response...

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