Organizational Assessment And Strategic Plan: Collaboration

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Health care, and the relationship with the customer, is changing. The insurance provider and market is also changing in the wake of recent health care reforms. Reevaluation and assessment of a health systems strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, as well as the relationship with the external and internal stakeholders is a productive and positive way promote a positive future for the health system organization. Goals and priorities must be held in a collaborative state with providers and sources of payers in order to stay valuable in today's market. Appropriate implementation planning and evaluation of this partnership can ensure the future success of not only the health system, ...view middle of the document...

Without a doubt, health care is about finances as well as providing strong patient care. Nugent (2012) notes that "long-term success requires financial leaders to better understand clinical processes and clinical leaders to become more familiar with costs in revenue implications" (p.68). According to Yoder Wise (2011) and organizational assessment is not regulated to only one department, "the organizational environment assessment relates to the hospital ministration, service departments, and medical staff" (p. 314). In order to get the most out of an organizational assessment with a SWOT analysis, goals that are practical, specific, measurable, realistic, and have an agreed-upon focus must be set (Yoder-Wise, 2011).
An assessment of this writer's health system and workplace environment is noted to have Strengths which include a positive environment excepting of change, which also promotes opportunities for growth in one's job with in the health system. Weakness relates to cost and budgetary concerns related to staffing and availability of equipment and software for electronic medical record licensure home access and laptops, to be specific. Threats assessed with also focus on the budgetary; on a small department within the health system, as well as organization-wide, healthcare is a volatile and ever-changing environment that can be threatened by reimbursement rates, as well as the ever-changing customer relationship (Yoder-Wise, 2011).
Patient centered relationships can be affected by health care reform. How primary care providers maintain advocacy and a proactive relationship do with patients as increased demand of services comes to the forefront of current healthcare models? This becomes a very delicate balance between reimbursement issues and financial concerns with the best practice care of the patient, all while maintaining a positive relationship with current patients and remaining attractive to insurance payers and feature patients; the stakeholders of the organization (Hammer, Phillips, & Schmidt, 2010 ).
Internal and External Stakeholders
A stakeholder refers to those who can be affected by an organization. This can be related to policy changes, financial endeavors, or other factors in the running of an organization. Internal stakeholders would involve financial resource departments, staff participants, and management and administration involvement. External stakeholders involve the social, cultural, and demographics served as participants of the organization (“What is a stakeholder,”).
Yoder-Wise (2011) points out that healthcare has economic framework and that competition for the highest quality services is a real part of health care. Insurance companies’ and other organizations must offer services that benefit the patient in order to succeed in the long run; “services that add value are of high quality, affect health outcomes positively, and minimize costs" are important factors in developing a relationship between provider...

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