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Organizational Awareness In The Workplace Essay

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Organizational Awareness focuses on the healthy and unhealthy aspects of an organization. There are many differences and similarities with each company. However there are leadership roles that aid in a robust and unhealthy organization. The President, CEO, Supervisors and the employees of a company all have roles. Consequently they are all different but have some similarities. Mental health disorders and work- family conflict provide a reflection on how to promote a healthy organization. A brief description of the disorders, treatment plans and medicines provides a cultural reflection within the company. Showing different approaches in which a company can implement when dealing with mental health disorders or conflicts.In conclusion providing an overall look at what makes an organization remain robust.

Keywords: healthy, humility, appropriate, integrity, tangible, benefits, incidents, capacity, adapted

Organizational Awareness in the Workplace
Organizational Similarities and Differences
Across the world people are faced with cultural similarities and differences at work and home. The components of a healthy culture are openness, humility, an environment of accountability and personal responsibility, freedom for risk taking within appropriate limits, a fierce commitment to “do right”, and a willingness to tolerate and learn from mistakes, integrity, constancy, collaboration, integration, holistic thinking, courage and persistent from top to bottom of an organization. When adequate people apply for a position that is open this is what a healthy organization looks for in an employee. To succeed in hiring employers must provide tangible benefits.
However employee wants more than a stable job with pension and benefits (Harte, Schmidt, & Keyes, 2002). Healthy and unhealthy similarities can be constancy, persistence, holistic thinking and courage. When creating an unhealthy organization people don’t have a commitment to do right. People take risks without noting the consequences and risks on self and the organization. Therefore when risks are taken there is n integrity, responsibility or tolerance to learn from mistakes.
Training your employees can constitute for unhealthy and healthy practices used during actual incidents. Employers expect their investments in training to raise the capacity of the organizations collective skills and thereby to improve its productivity (Kennett, 2013). Most people see training as a waste of time especially when you have to obtain some trainings more than once a year. Employers provide trainings for employees consequently they have conflicting views with relationships between development and employee turnover rate. Employers have to make employees feel that they are needed or it will cause conflict.
Human resources affect the outcome of many companies’ organizations becoming healthy or unhealthy. Specifically some researchers have adapted a behavioral perspective to suggest that human resources...

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