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Organizational Behavior Change Project : Current State Analysis Paper

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    McDonalds is an apt example to study the organizational behavior change project. The organization is operating in over 121 countries around the globe and more than 52 million people working Cross all locations in the world. The organization has laid firm grounds of motivating its employees by engaging them in different programs and has maintained its competitiveness. Therefore, we will study McDonald's to gain insight of its organizational structure and current state analysis.
    McDonald's believes in employee satisfaction and thereby providing excellent customer service. It works with the conviction of always doing right for all the stakeholders be it their customers or the ...view middle of the document...

When studying McDonald's we can see that the organization follows Task behaviour as a more practical and viable approach. But the retention part was a little dilemma. That is when the leaders were asked to share their personal visions especially regarding the store promotion and the budget requirements.Therefore, the restaurant manager was made more involved with a relationship behaviour as he had more on the ground knowledge that the head of different departments. The employees within the store are trained on different store activities by the store manager. Therefore, encouraging faster and better work completion and performance by enabling direct decision making than going through different channels.
    Path theory explains the relationship between the behavior of the leader and the subordinates. It further states that the behavior of the leaders is accepted by the subordinates as long as they see a benefit in future for themselves and which further affects their goals, performance levels and achievements. McDonald's implements the Path Goal theory by continually asking the question of how they can make the restaurant managers and subordinates happier in their work ? . The manager is given a directive leadership style which is very satisfying for them as every task completed is in-line with reward and performance duty. But there has been debate that this directive leadership is not very lucrative for the subordinates therefore, there are different incentives and motivation for the subordinates. Therefore, participative behavioral style is encouraged which ensure participation of both the manager and the subordinates. Thus with the application of path goal theory the subordinates are more involved in decisions like the store budget, promotions and have resulted in removing the barriers between them and the manager.
    The employees at McDonald are examples of working interdependently in the team. The success therefore, belongs more to the team than an individual. McDonald is able to deliver services to its customers because of the functional team work that is present in its organizational structure. During the working hours the entire team has assigned tasks and duties which they focus and work on. But if one of the team member is taken out or goes for a leave during the working time then the work would be hampered as the entire line would be compromised with. For Example there is a teller who takes orders from the customers and then displays it in the kitchen where workers are divided into teams to prepare the burger. There is a worker working on the bun and passes the bun to the next in line who is preparing the sandwich. For this team to function successfully it is imperative that all the workers should be working on their assigned task otherwise the entire delivery process will suffer. At McDonald it is important to keep all the employees motivated and mostly when an employee looses motivation the...

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