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Organizational Behavior Importance Essay

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The paper explains the importance of organizational behavior and how these principles add value to the business. Many hard-driving leaders believe the technical competencies of individuals are far more important than the soft skills in making them the most value added to the organization. This paper builds the argument for organizational behavior as a vital ingredient in the development of the work force. The paper describes how the study and practice of organizational behavior can make a difference in the operation of the business.--------------------------------------------------Organizational behavior studies have become more important today than in previous years because corporations must learn to adapt to the rapidly changing business cultures that have stemmed from a competitive and fast-paced market. In today's business world, managers are paying more attention to how employees respond to certain situations rather than if they respond. They are beginning to view organizational behavior as a vital ingredient in the development of the workforce. This paper will discuss the advantages of organizational behavior and the balance of technical and non-technical skills that can contribute to the success of a business.In a war-torn economy with high unemployment, employees are expressing less satisfaction with their job responsibilities as unemployment soars to an all-time high and more responsibilities are placed on the remaining workers. Since the 9-11 tragedy, organizations big and small have been forced into economic downsizing leaving their remaining employees with more work and less time to complete the tasks. Recent studies have shown that many of today's young workers rank family and relationships over their career (Robbins, 2001). With the average workday ranging from 10 to 12 hours, employees are growing more dissatisfied in their current positions as the long workdays have taken them away from quality time with loved ones. However, while these same workers have grown unsatisfied with their job responsibilities, they are also reluctant to leave their current positions to pursue other careers. Corporations have begun to take an interest in this growing problem in an effort to improve employee-employer relations and increase job performance. Enters organizational behavior.The concept of organizational behavior is for each employee to understand and believe how valuable they are to the organization, from the mailroom clerk to the CEO. This concept may have been established years ago, during the WWII era, but in the past 15-20 years, organizational behavior has shifted from corporate cohesion and company loyalty to self-motivation and autonomy (Robbins, 2001). A major factor for this change is due to the demand for increased technology, which has led to the need for skilled technical labor. Every field of business now requires some degree of computer knowledge. The speed of doing business has increased drastically with the onset of corporate...

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