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Organizational Behavior Importance Paper, This Essay Depicts The Importance Of Organizational Behavior In The Workplace. Cover Empowerment And Ethical Decisions

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Organizational Behavior ImportanceOrganizational Behavior Importance PaperOrganizational Behavior ImportanceINTRODUCTIONHow important organizational behavior in the work place is determined by the head of that organization. I feel that organizational behavior studies can be very beneficial to almost any organization. The field of organizational behavior draws on a variety disciplines, including employee empowerment and ethical decisions. These different areas of study should prove that organizational behavior is a vital ingredient in the work force.EMPOWERMENTEmpowerment is certainly not a new idea within the business arena. In fact, its concept has been around since the 1960's when American car manufactures suddenly realized that they were losing to the Japanese producers. An extensive and extremely well-funded investigation for answers to the recurrent question, how do I get more out of my employees while simultaneously lowering my costs, did produce some implementable and constructive results. Employee empowerment, in its most basic definition, is effective delegation. The new twist that upper management has been trying desperately to achieve is to involve the lowest level of employees in the decision-making process while makingOrganizational Behavior Importancethem responsible for the results of their decisions. There have been many documentedexamples of anxiety, mistrust and complacency in employees when these waves of 'new-and-improved, successful management strategies' have been suddenly thrown upon them. Change of any kind will usually inspire resistance, especially when talking about extracting power from management to place in the hands of 'subordinates.'There are obvious methods to achieving the results that the stakeholders of an organization demand through empowerment. Increases in profitability, productivity, creativity, and a shorter time-to-market are all feasible results of empowerment. In fact, 'empowerment is an extremely cost-effective means of bringing about desired changes in performance and operational effectiveness.' It takes only a stout devotion of the entire organization, from the top levels downward. There are, however, key factors to its success.One of the most important key elements to take into account is the need for extensive organizational preparation to achieve effective implementation. Meaning an organizational-wide commitment to preparing both management and its staff for the changes that are about to take place.Organizational Behavior ImportanceEducation is one of the most effective tools in preparing for change. Psychological studies have determined that individuals are inherently resistant to change when they don't know the results and consequences of that change. Education of all levels within anorganization will help eradicate some of the fear that's associated with change. It will also help define everyone's role after the changes are established. Additionally, this becomes an opportunity for upper...

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