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Organizational Behavior IssuesMany successful companies are acquired and merged to expand and continue their success within their market base. In this paper writers have been challenged to start the process of creating the changes necessary to make a merger or acquisition successful. They have chosen to explore the merger/acquisition of Bank Universal and Washington Mutual Bank. The announcement as already been made that the shareholders approved the acquisition of the new company. As department managers of the recently acquired company named Bank Universal, we were faced with a task to start the process of creating a smooth transitional change while continuing to meet our department's performance. The writers plan to briefly explain the reason for the acquisition with Washington Mutual Bank as well as reflect and catalog the organizational behavior issues we feel most needed to be addressed within our department during the merger process. The writers were also asked to choose an issue and frame it by explaining how management would research, evaluate and recommend a strategy for this issue.In order to clearly discuss the essentials of this paper, some key terms must first be identified:Organizational Behavior - "(often abbreviated as OB) is a field of study thatinvestigates the impact that individuals, groups, and structure have on behaviorwithin organizations for the purpose of applying such knowledge toward improvingan organization's effectiveness"(OB, pg.16).Merger - "Is the fusion of two or more companies (OR) Merger is a combination of two or more companies into a single company where, it survives and others loose the corporate identity. The survivor acquires the assets and liabilities of the rest" (Glossary).Acquisition - "The purchase of the controlling interest or ownership of anothercompany. This can be affected by:Agreement with the persons having majority of the stakePurchase of shares in the open marketTo make takeover offer to the general body of share holdersPurchased of new shares by private treatyAcquisition of share capital" (Glossary).For many years, Bank Universal was a successful financial institution which focused on their deposit base and continued to make an excellent profit. In the late nineties, Bank Universal began to lose their deposit base and failed to remain in compliance with government regulations. Many executives of Bank Universal felt that the company would be forced to close its doors within a matter of time.Washington Mutual is a successful financial institution based out of Seattle, Washington. This company was looking to expand in different markets particularly the East Coast and Texas. Washington Mutual decided to purchase Bank Universal and revamp their entire organization.In November of 1999, Bank Universal employees received an announcement that in January of 2000 they would become employees of Washington Mutual. Many Bank Universal employees became scared and furious and not accepting to their recently...

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