Organizational Behavior: Leading, Motivating, And Evaluating Employees

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Organizational Behavior: Leading, Motivating and Evaluating Employees
The chapter discusses various ideas about human psychology and organizational behavior. One thing it talks about is leadership. According to Cherry (2011), leaders should be able to inspire and motivate the employees in an organization. The way that this can be done is through the leader adopting various styles. However, it has been noted that one of the most important ways in which leaders can inspire others is by proper delegation and making the employees feel that they are important. Motivated employees are most effective and productive. Leaders can also help such motivated people to grow in the company (White, n.d.). This is why it is important for the leader to be able to look at the employees and understand what they want and what they need. This is extremely important because if the leader knows his subordinates, he would be able to lead them better and make more use of them.
The chapter also talks about the leaders’ ability to understand the employees and their needs. In this respect, we find that one of the ways in which a leader can gauge the motivation level of an employee and provide relevant incentives is by studying the employee in the context of their needs. For example, Abraham Maslow described the hierarchy of needs in which he talked about how people are motivated to do things based on what they need. If a person is hungry and has to eat, he would be motivated by his desire to eat. Once his hunger is satisfied, he would have the need for shelter; and once that is satisfied, a need for security, social acceptance and finally self-actualization. (, 2010). Thus, if a leader finds that the employee is already satisfied in the lower needs, the motivation must come from someplace else, such as the need for social acceptance or self-actualization. Surprisingly, many high-management employees tend to be more motivated by a metaphorical “pat on the back” than the prospect of making more money.
The article also talks about Theory X and Theory Y. For a leader that has to work with the employees, the employee evaluation style would be the Theory Y. This theory depicts that the employees would be intrinsically...

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