Organizational Behavior "Manage The Emotion" By Deff Gilpin

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Video's ReviewIn video TOPIC2Deff Gilpin, Director of Affinity Marketing for GET Communications Corp., talks about how emotion and personality exhibit in workplace and how challenging is for manager to deal with negative emotion and putting them into the right position.Gilpin describes sometimes when negative emotion factors come into employees' behavior, people act very childish than their maturity level, therefore, he has to play a role as father when employees argue to each other like kids within same group or another, he comes up with different methods to make all of them feel good, understand the reason of what and how they trying to do so. Consequently, eliminates all worries of them, make sure their feel comfortable. Gilpin talks about that employees' personalities are diverse, as managers, he must have abilities to know how to assign "right job" to "right person" base on various personalities, managers must think about if the job is suitable and will gain good development for employees' career, and whether they will feel comfortable and satisfy.In video TOPIC2R, according to the text, author Robbins reinforce to analyze where are negative emotions might come from, the negative influence of emotions and personalities which crash at work performances. Robbins says it is tough mission for managers to deal with negative emotions, he suggests managers to solve issues by first, putting themselves in the person's shoes to identify and understand the reasons. Second, reinforce the importance of the organization or unit objectives and third, to explain how possible their negative emotions are hindering the organization achieving its objectives.Questions & Answers1) What culture factors might account for the displayed emotion Gilpin describes?Hofstede Five ValuesFive values have received the most attention and seem to account for large portion of different in the way people think and act across cultures. They indicated individualism versus collectivism refers to which people value individual versus group goals. collectivism define themselves by their group membership, give group goals priority over their personal goals, put more emphasis on harmonious relationships, and experience more socially based on emotions. Individualism, on the other hand, view themselves autonomously, give personal goals priority over group goals, put more emphasis on personal achievement, and experience more socially disengaged emotions. Power distance is the extent to which people accept unequal distribution of power in a society, employees are comfortable receiving commands from their superiors, and conflicts are resolved through formal rules and authority. Those with high power distance accept and value unequal power, whereas those who low power distance expect relatively equal power sharing. Uncertainty avoidance is the degree to which people tolerate ambiguity or feel threatened by ambiguity and uncertainty. Employees with high uncertainty avoidance value...

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