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Organizational Behavior: Turning Point Essay

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Turning Point is a residential treatment centered based in northeastern Colorado. This treatment center serves all the counties in Colorado. The average stay at Turning Point is 9-12 months. During this time the focus is to help the client with substance abuse issues, catch up in school, attend individual and group therapy sessions, complete community service projects, eventually gain employment, take care of any court obligations, and re-learn being a productive member of society. Unfortunately, Medicaid cuts make it impossible for counties to fund stays of 9-12 months and the trends are now three to six months. Going from a long-term facility to a short-term facility and continuing to make a profit is not without its challenges.Let's first look at whom Turning Point's consumers are. Social services make referrals to Turning Point based on client needs. Turning Point gets referrals from counties across Colorado. In the past they had been able to choose who to acceptinto their programs. With Medicaid funding shorter stays, Turning Point has to be less choosey about who will be in their programs and more concerned about keeping beds filled in turn, staying afloat financially.Before delving into the funding issue, it is important to understand the organizational culture of Turning Point. Organizational culture is defined as "the basic pattern of shared assumptions, values, and beliefs considered to be the correct way of thinking about and acting on problems and opportunities facing the organization (McShane and Von Glinow, 2004)." It is a long held belief that long- term treatment is more beneficial to the population served by Turning Point than short- term treatment. Employees at every level of the agency struggled with making the necessary changes and questioned whether or not the integrity of the programming would be damaged. The teams that work within Turning Point form tight bonds with one another. Consequently, team norms may discourage these tight knit groups from accepting major changes within an organization (McShane and VonGlinow, 2004).In times of change, the leadership within an organization plays an important role. Turning Point's executive director is an achievement-oriented leader. Goals were set for each of the programs to modify the treatment curriculums while retaining the high quality of care Turning Point is known for. Many employees struggled with these changes due to fear of damaging program integrity. According to McShane and VonGlinow (2004), employees need to unlearn routines and abandon the behavioral routines that are no longer appropriate. Each house was responsible for making the modifications needed for short-term treatment. Within each house there are several supervisors who were ultimately responsible for the curriculum changes. Due to the interactive nature of the teams the supervisor for each house encouraged the teams to form committees and be active in implementing these changes. This is considered participative...

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