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Nowadays, a lot of companies are emphasizing on employee’s performance. They wish to hire an employee with high quality and well performance to run their organization operation. Hence, there are few performance appraisals used by Department of Human Resources to evaluate employee’s performance try to measure their productivities.
Performance appraisal is a simple evaluation review and discussion of an employee’s performance of assigned duties and responsibilities by the manager or other superiors. Employee’s performance will being to compare, either compare to one another employee or compare with the present standard which are set by the manager or supervisor and the result will be documented and uses the result to provide feedback to the employee to show where should be improved are needed and why they should. It can be evaluated in quarterly, half year or annually, it depends on the Department of Human Resource in the organization. The appraisal is based on results obtained by the employee in his or her job but not in the employee’s personality characteristics. It provides a way to help identify the areas for performance enhancement and to help promote professional growth. Performance appraisal is the essential for the effective management and evaluation of staff. On the other hand, the performance appraisal helps develop individuals, improve organization performance, and feed into organizational planning.
There have two common types of performance appraisals, (1) relative rating formats, (2) absolute rating formats (Cascio, 1991). The relative rating formats is the individual being rated directly to another individual in the same field. For example, work performance individual A being compared to the work performance individual B. One of the methods is forced distribution method. While the absolute rating formats is the individual being rated by comparing their performance with the standard criteria that has been set by managers or other superior. There are few methods are under the absolute rating formats, (1) behaviorally anchored rating scales, (2) graphic rating scales, (3) the weighted checklist and (4) BOS.
This essay will focus on the performance appraisal based on forced distribution system (FDS) and discussing the advantage and the disadvantage of this method. Forced distribution system is an appraisal system which evaluated employee’s performance by ranking them into three most important categories, (1) excellent, (2) good, and (3) poor. Manager will rank their employees into the three categories. This appraisal system is under the relative rating formats which is rate the employee’s performance by comparing to one another. This appraisal system can be carried out in various ways. The first is manager may rank employees by comparing their performance against each other such as ranking all employees from the higher performance to the lower performance. The following way to run out the forced distribution system is...

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