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1.0 IntroductionOrganizational behavior---OB is the study of individuals and groups in organizations. (Re: textbook: chapter 1) Learning about OB will help you develop a better work-related understanding about yourself and other people. Nowadays, people and enterprise both want to know the prospects of the future. This world not only is changing, but also the speed of the changing is faster than the past. Hence, people at work in organizations today are part of a new era. The institutions of society and the people who make them work are challenged in many and very special ways, so that many high performance organizations are trying to manage workforce diversity.In this paper, I will show you organization behavior in Haier Group that have been affected by the new corporate realities of globalization. Increasing workforce diversity and demands for high performance in its variety of forms. The overview of the key shifts that I think is significant in the overall business environment. A detailed description of the changes themselves with specific links to the materials covered the course relating to organization behavior.2.0 Company ProfileHaier Group ( is a young, burgeoning, open and internationalized company. It was incorporated in 1984. At that time Haier is a factory that lost RMB1.47 million. Over the past 17 years, Haier has witnessed an annual sales increase of 78% and made significant achievements. Haier owned a wide range of product groups of 86 categories with over 13,000 specifications including white household appliance, black household appliance and rice kernel household appliance. Haier products now are exported to 160 countries. Total sales of Haier in 2001 were RMB 60.2 billion with an export value of USD 420 million, an increase of 50% over that in 2000.3.0 Identify the shift in the environment3.1 GlobalizationAs we begin the twenty-first century, we are in the age of globalization with its complex economic networks of competition, resource supplies, and product markets transcending national boundaries and circling the globe. (Re: text book: chapter 3) The rapid growth of information technology and electronic communications has heightened the average person's awareness of the global economy. The International news brings the entire world into our homes and our thoughts daily. An explosion of opportunities on the Internet allows us to share and gather information from global sources at low cost and from the convenience of our desktops and laptops-at home, while traveling, or at work. And, always, the transnational movement of products, trends, values, and innovations continues to change lifestyles at a rapid pace. In general, globalization has become a reality beyond reproach.3.1.1 Impacts posted on Haier by GlobalizationCultureEconomy driving business today is increasing integrated-"globalization". Possibilities of increase conflict driven by cultural differences increases as the mix of culture expand. Differences can...

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1285 words - 6 pages organizational support on employee’s positive attitude toward work, Interdisciplinary Journal of Contemporary Research in Business, December 2012 Vol. 4, No 8 Marjorie L. Randall, Russell Cropanzano, Carol A. Bormann and Andrej Birjulin (1999), Organizational politics and organizational support as predictors of work attitudes, job performance, and organizational citizenship behaviour, Journal of Organizational Behavior J. Organiz. Behav. 20, 159

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