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Organizational Behaviour Case Study

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Organizational BehaviorOption ACases: Automation in the Book Store and The Night Owl Answering ServicePart 1)The field of Organizational Behavior is one that is very important when it comes tomanaging people and to make them work effectively. This begins with training. Inorder to understand these cases it is important to look at both the structure andenvironment of the company. In the case of the Automation in the Book Store, thecompany is a medium sized bookstore. Because this company is a bookstore withvery few employees there is not a high level of formalization, less specialization andless authority. Therefore, it has an organic structure. Employees don't have a lotprocedures and rules that they must abide by while doing their jobs. In fact the initialcompany policy required employees to stay with the customer they were serving fromthe time they walked into the store until the sale was made. Also, there was not agreat deal of standardization in that there was not a set procedure on how employeesdid their work, rather it was a freer organization because there were very fewemployees and this resulted in greater flexibility. These facts all changed once thenew computer system was implemented. This system presented employees with somedegree of formalization and standardization in their jobs because now there wereprecise rules and procedures on how to deal with customers. This includes enteringan ID number every time a sale was made and closing the store with the system.Also, because this bookstore was not use to high levels of formalization in the past,the implementation of the training program was affected. There were no instructionson how to close at the end of the day in training. The manager had to come in andprepare a hand-written set of instructions about this routine. This is a sign of baddesign and implementation. Also, because the company is more centralized thandecentralized, the management must follow head office's requests. This is the exactsame thing with employees who must listen to the manager even though theemployees were apprehensive, particularly the older staff, about new system. Again,the design of the training program, which was quoted as pretty skimpy andpatronizing, was another sign of poor design. However, because the structure of thecompany was somewhat centralized they had to the training according to the wayhead office and management wanted. The structure of The Night Owl AnsweringServices was that it was between mechanistic and organic. This call center was moremechanistic because it was more centralized and more specialization where eachindividual had a specific role. Bob was responsible for technology, sales andmarketing. Mary was responsible for training. This type of structure affected thetraining because of specialization. Nobody else was responsible for training, so whenMary passed away, everyone else specialized in a different area which left training tobe an open mess. Only Mary knew the system the best because...

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