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Organizational Culture Analyzing Essay

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Final Paper: AMC Asia 8Class: COMB353-001 Student ID: S-B0-1996-1 Name: Lao Chi Kio (Jojo)Final PaperIn this paper, I am going to analyze the organizational culture of The Audience Motivation Company Asia (AMC Asia) through its public communication. Bernard Oh, who is also the CEO of the company, founded AMC Asia in 1995. It is an experiential marketing and strategic events agency, of which provides high-quality event management services. The headquarter of the company is located in Singapore, along with six more offices located in Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, and Seoul. Its services consist of designing and producing events, campaigns, product launches, and summit conferences for its clients, most of whom include Fortune 500 companies such as Audi, HP, Starwood Hotel, as well as non-profit organizations like YPO (Young Presidents' Organization). Their goal is to deliver "immersive, interactive, and experiential journeys" to their customers. Each campaign or event is one-of-a-kind according to their clients' objectives. Therefore, the events they create are often known for its innovativeness and uniqueness.Their services cover all aspects of a single event or conference, no matter the scale of the event. For each event, they would divide their working process into three phases. The first one would be the conceptualization of the event, thinking of the theme according to the client's purpose of the event, along with branding and content development. The second one would be bringing the concepts to life, including 3D graphic designing, of which is a signature of the company, along with copy writing, usage of multimedia, digital solutions and development, registration, transfer arrangements, and venue liaison. Lastly, they would be in charge of the speaker liaison, setting layout, sponsorship management, third party liaison, and food and beverages. Overall, they take care of everything, from the theme to the settings, and to the guests' invitations and arrangements, from start to end. Due to the small scale of the organization, there are only six departments in the company: regional management, local management, creative, account and project, design and production, and finance and administration.Instead of traditional events, AMC Asia's events are often considered as cool, trendy, exciting, and young. They would hire DJs, famous singers (e.g. Rihanna, James Morrison), and very cool and hit performers (e.g. William Close) for the entertainment part of the events. They would also make use of high-tech assistance to empower the entertainment and result (e.g. 3D, graphics, Spot-Me app). Moreover, in its eighteen years of operation, AMC Asia has already earned numerous awards. Of which include a Golden Dragon (first place) for "Best B2B Campaign" at the PMAA (Promotion Marketing Awards of Asia) 2010 from its work for the Nokia Siemens Network CEO Summit 2009. As well as a Markie for "Best Idea-Events" at the Marketing Magazine...

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