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Organizational Culture In Business: Customer Base Description And Customer Service Standards In Apa Format.

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Cultural Organization: Cisco Systems"Cisco is a global manufacturer of networking and communications products and provides services associated with that equipment and its use. Cisco provides a line of products for transporting data, voice and video within buildings, across campuses and around the world. It is headquartered in San Jose, California." (Marketline Business)Founded in 1984 by a group of Stanford scientists, Cisco Systems sells networking and communication technologies, equipments and services for transporting data, voice and video to various consumers worldwide. Cisco, formed in 1984, grew as a result of demand for the Internet and networking products. The company has enhanced its offerings by a series of acquisitions over the years. Offering a variety of network technology, Cisco recently introduced a program called Telpresence, which makes it possible to have virtual meetings without leaving the office. Cisco has segmented its operations geographically into five regions, namely the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), Asia-Pacific and Japan. Cisco offers customer service 24 hours a day offered by Americas, Australia, and Scotland, along with other places located around the world. Cisco primarily operates in five business segments categorized by products. These include switches, routers, advanced technologies, services and other products, such IP telephones that run on Ethernet connectivity. "Cisco's classifies its customers into four main categories, in which include large enterprise businesses, service providers, commercial customers and consumers" (Marketline Business). Large enterprise businesses are defined as a business with 1,000 or more employees working in multiple locations or branch offices. Large enterprise businesses are defined as a business with 1,000 or more employees working in multiple locations or branch offices. Most of the large businesses are partnered with Cisco to provide service to indirect customers. Commercial customers are primarily small and medium-sized businesses with less than 1,000 employees. These customers have a need for own networks, along with connectivity to the Internet and to business partners. The consumer segment primarily includes individuals and businesses operating in small offices or home offices, with infrastructure and networking needs of a smaller scale, in which the Cisco partnerships come into play as a primary provider. Cisco products and services are sold to the end customer through both direct and indirect sales channels. Cisco partners include system integrators, service providers, distributors, retail partners and other resellers. Systems integrators and service providers typically sell directly to end-users and often provide system installation, technical support, professional services and other support services in addition to network equipment sales. Service providers host software applications and services for their customers. Hosting usually occurs at a central...

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