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Organizational Culture In The Workplace Essay

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Organizational culture is becoming increasingly understood as an important element in the establishment of high performance workspaces (Carroll, 2010). The organization’s prevailing behaviors, artifacts, beliefs, attitudes, as well as values all make up its culture and help in creation of a sense of commitment, continuity, and order. Culture applies to the organization as a whole as well as numerous subcultures within the departments. Development of a diagnostic instrument with demonstrated reliability and validity has been done to classify organizations into different cultural types. The four types of organizational culture developed are collaborate (clan), control (hierarchy), compete (market), and create (adhocracy). Each has different characteristics when it comes to operation, which correlates with different qualities and features of the organization’s environment. Assessing the culture and subcultures of an organization provides the designers and planners of the workplace with a foundation on which they can structure an environment that supports its expression and function.
The role of culture in the educational sector is to determine the effectiveness of institutions within the sector (Carroll, 2010). An appropriate, unique, and strong culture is able accomplish several things for the institution. First, it reduces uncertainty of institutional performance through creation of a common way of interpreting issues and events. Second, it creates a sense of order, where members are aware of what is expected of them. Third, it creates a sense of continuity. Fourth, it provides a unity of commitment and a common identity. Finally, it provides vision for the future behind which, the company can rally. The first step in implementing meaningful change and making the best of organizational culture as an asset to be leveraged in support of the institution’s goals is in diagnosing its present cultural condition. This can be achieved through conducting analysis such as PESTLE and SWOT to gauge the current positioning of the institution.
Corporation for National and Community Service
CNCS is a federal agency, which helps over five million Americans to improve the lives of fellow citizens through serving them. The corporation works hand-in-hand with local partners to tap into the can-do spirit and ingenuity of the American people in tackling pressing challenges that face the nation. This is done through investment in thousands of faith-based as well as nonprofit groups geared towards making a difference across the country. The aim of the corporation is to serve, build, and make an impact, which changes individual lives and communities. In matters education, the corporation strengthens education from pre-school upwards. The Foster Grandparents is a program aimed at sparking a love for learning in children and the AmeriCorps members help in keeping students on track to succeed and graduate. Other services are geared towards preserving...

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