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Revolutionary research in organizational culture began in the early 1930s but, as a concept, it was popularized in the early 1980’s. Organizational culture is the reflection of the structure of organizations, which is embedded in the values, beliefs, and assumptions held by organizational members. Shared values are important for organizational functioning because they maintain the organization as a bounded unit and provide it with a distinct identity. Organizational culture varies from one organization to another. It has a very significant role in creating a sense of commitment, involvement and identity towards the organization and also it has varied influence on the behavior of members. (Sinha &Dutt, 2010).
There are different aspects of culture such as decision-making practices, communication flow, relationship with colleagues, supervisory support and work design that have shown positive relationship with many variables like organizations’ financial performance (Kangis & Williams, 2000) employees’ productivity and satisfaction (Rogg, 2001).
Sledge, Miles and Coppage (2008) said in their study that Motivation is measured to be
the most important factor of job satisfaction. According to Amar, 2007 Motivation is a term connected with the forces that acts on a person to make him act in a certain way. It is based on behavioral changes brought in by internal or external environment. Motivating people means giving them direction and rationale to what they do. (Lachance, 2000).Incentives such as rewards and recognition programmes promote great performance and reinforce an organization's values and culture (Milne, 2007).
Organizational culture is considered as a major contributing factor for changing employees' behavior towards greater job performance, satisfaction and motivation of employees. Organizations have experienced an important change that is the spread of globalization throughout the world. Due to globalization organizations are trying to adopt such kind of culture and values that helps in motivation of employees. They update their posted goals according to the changes in the economy, giving insight to their employees about making amendments in their goals if necessary to make employees involved and motivated (Hawn, 2002).
Purpose of the study:
The purpose of the study is
• To know the impact of organizational culture on motivation of university employees.
• To know the important role that organizational culture plays in the motivation of employees.
• To have knowledge about the culture of the universities.

Contextual analysis:
In the current environment, for personal and societal advancement, possessing knowledge and having the ability to utilize that knowledge is very critical. In today's competitive market highly skilled and globally focused workforce is very important (Friedman, 2005). Most of the organizations have strong belief that human resources are those strategic assets that helps a lot to face competitors. In order...

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