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Organizational Development From The Social Science Perspective

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Below you will find the important aspects of section 2.
Learning Outcomes:-
● Analyse critically the theoretical roots of contemporary consultancy.
● Identify strengths and weaknesses in each perspective
● Consider which perspectives may inform the way in which you hope to work in your consultancy project for your assignment.
An appropriate plan therefore is to read through the theoretical models of contemporary consultancy
Identify their strengths and weaknesses.
Relate appropriate models to your project. Think about there suitability as to what perspectives may relate to your project work.
N/B : If you do this type of work from an early stage, it helps you to understand consultancy project work and what theories concepts support your decisions.
The perspectives are:-
● Social Science
● Systems Theory
● Psychoanalytical/Psychodynamic .
Overview:- Successful consultancy evolves from the ability to be open to new structures and scenarios. The other positive aspect is to have or develop a willingness to learn with and from clients.
To recap on article 1, Parable of the Kitchen Spindle.
4 specialists were called into a restaurant to provide there expert opinion on diffusing a situation which arose between waitresses and cooks.
Each specialist gave advice from their perspective. It was the junior cook who came up with the simple idea from his own experience in a previous job. He had worked with a rotary mechanism to which they pinned their orders. The orders went out accurately to the customers.
What to Learn From This:- Each of the specialists ideas were thought through from a single perspective .The junior cook however solved the problem from the 4 specialist perspectives.
Sociologist- no hierarchial conflict. The device allowed the waitress to put orders through sequentially.
Anthropologist- No male/female as above
Psychologist- Likewise no sibling rivalry competing for boss’s attention
Information Theorist- No cognitive overload ,no expensive computer programmes installed for orders in the computer. Instead “hard copies of the orders were rotated and then food served in correct order.
The Moral :- Decisions should make sense from several ideas. The management and workers come to the job with various types and degrees of experience. It from this situation that contemporary consultancy and project work evolve.
We will now look at the important points relating to the 3 organisational development perspectives.
Social Science Perspective(2.1)
The main ideas about this perspective are as follows:-
● Consultants in this perspective require to understand how social structures and organisational processes interact in helping or hindering individuals to perform their tasks effectively.
● Cummings and Worley(2001) state that this is a system wide application of behavioural science knowledge. To the planned development, improvement and reinforcement of the strategies, structures and processes that lead to organisation...

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